1. Thrill #6

    Date: 3/15/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: ckbres, Source: LushStories

    Carol and I had just invited our visitor, my friend Bill, to move into the master bedroom for the next five days. He was visiting us while on a consulting job. We had already had an explosive sex adventure with him and looked forward to many more.
    The three of us were exhausted from our earlier sexing. I fell asleep cuddled up to Carol's back, my cock planted firmly between her ass cheeks. I dreamed of Carol exposing her hot body in all manner of places. My dream was interrupted by Carol's moaning and the bed shaking.
    I looked groggily, my eyes and body still somewhat asleep, and saw Bill fucking Carol. Her legs were spread wide and her feet were on his shoulders. Bill's cock was buried deep in her cunt. When he stroked out I could see that it was covered with Carol's juices and the large purple cock head was drooling cum. Their eyes were locked on each other, eyes hooded with lust, mouths locked together, devouring each other.
    There was a certain lewdness to their fucking. Sexual pleasure was their only desire. They were lost in lust, focused on satisfying their sexual appetite.
    Carol groaned, "Oh Yeahhhh, oh, oh, OH, ccummming."
    Bill grunted, "FFFuck, yes, yes... Ungh, Ungh."
    They both shook as their orgasms rolled through their bodies.
    When Carol came back to the real world she saw me watching them. The thrill of watching Carol fuck never diminishes.
    Watching her fuck Bill in the middle of the night was overwhelming. My body burned with lust. My mind was reeling and my cock was aching. Carol moved over to me and took my cock in her hot, wet mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head and lapped it from my balls to the tip of my cock.
    She started moaning around my cock as she fingered her clit. I was already overheated. I pushed my hips up and my cock down her throat. I groaned and started shooting copious amount of cum into her mouth. It overflowed her mouth and formed a white froth on her lips. I was lost in a never never land of endless lust. Carol cuddled into me and I immediately fell into a deep sleep.
    Before Bill left early for work he gave Carol a smoldering kiss and ran his fingers through her soaked cunt lips. He said he should be back around five pm. Carol and I had a leisurely breakfast and smiled at each other a lot.
    Carol sat on my lap and told me she loved me and thanked me for letting her fuck Bill.
    Carol and I left for work at our usual times. During work my mind wandered, thinking about Carol and sex. As soon as I could I rushed home from work. Carol and Bill were already there, cuddling on the couch. We had no plans for the evening.
    We decided to stay in. Carol was wearing an old T shirt of mine, worn thin, with poking nipples and an old fashion pair of white cotton bikini panties. She sat in a lotus position, legs spread wide. I had on a new T shirt, long, with no underpants. Bills was wearing a pair of bulging boxer shorts and an oxford shirt, unbuttoned.
    We ordered pizza for ...