1. Blooming Rose Ch. 01

    Date: 3/15/2023, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: byTooManyXs, Source: Literotica

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey everyone. This is another story that takes place in the universe of the Zenrist religion, otherwise known as That Lesbian Nudist Cult. This story serves as something of a sequel to Finding Goddess and even picks up close to where it left off. However, this is written to be a standalone story starring a new protagonist, so you don't really need to read that novel to understand this one. Anyway, whether you're an old fan of the Zenrist 'verse or just hopping right in for the first time, I hope you enjoy Blooming Rose. So without further ado, let us begin...
    Another day, another...steaming hot cup of coffee with no milk, no cream, no honey, and four cubes.
    Rose Yuren sighed as she watched the pool of black liquid bubble and swirl while she stirred the sterile mixture together, the smell of charcoal laced with burnt sugar sticking to her sinuses like a fetid wad of gum. Just as she had done last week on Friday. And the day before that, the day before that, and almost every day before that for the past two or three months. Such was the glamorous life of an intern in the Trilo Publishing Company.
    Maybe I should have taken a summer job as a barista instead.
    Deciding that the lifeless black void of liquid dark matter had been sweetened enough, Rose placed the mug on her supervisor's desk, making sure it stood firmly on a coaster with the handle pointing away from the computer monitor at a 45-degree angle, just the way Mr. Whatever-His-Name-Was liked it. Then she stood off to the side and waited for him to come in with her first assignment of the day.
    Sure enough, he was there within minutes. Rose nodded and gave him the usual "Good morning," pleasantry, as was customary. However, the man didn't return it; he just took a seat at his desk, looked over some papers, and drank a sip of coffee with an oddly shaky hand. Rose quirked an eyebrow. That was strange. Normally, her supervisor was polite and professional enough to address her when she greeted him, but it seemed that today, he just didn't notice her.Something must be on his mind, she mused as she looked him over. His skin and hair were shiny with perspiration that she was sure was not coming from the summer heat, and his eyes were wide open with what could only be described as trepidation.Something's definitely on his mind. I hope this won't translate into even harder work for me.
    "Miss Urine," he said, mispronouncing Rose's surname for the fifty-billionth time, and for the fifty-billionth time, Rose wished she could just work up the courage to correct him. "It seems we have an...assembly being called. In the auditorium. All employees are required to go."
    "An...assembly?" she asked. "So soon? I didn't hear an announcement of such a thing."
    "It's still early, and apparently it was arranged on short notice. But it will be announced on the intercoms very soon, so we should probably both get a move on."
    "Of course," said Rose. The man took another nervous ...