1. The Beach Pt. 04

    Date: 3/15/2023, Categories: Gay Author: bydondave, Source: Literotica

    (Please read parts 1-3 before starting this one.)
    The game was just starting when I settled down in my favorite booth at the sports bar about a mile from my house. I had just ordered a beer when my phone buzzed with a message from Rick.
    "Sorry running late but good news."
    No telling what the news might be, but I didn't mind waiting. I had plenty of things to think about.
    Rick was my best friend, and had been for years, but recently our relationship had developed in a way that still surprised me every time I thought about it: We were now lovers, too.
    I've told elsewhere how this happened: That while on vacation with our wives in the Caribbean RIck and I had stumbled into sex together and, liking it very much, had kept it up once were we back home. What started with mutual blow jobs had progressed to his fucking me last time we met, and I think we were both eager to continue our explorations.
    Nothing had been said about the change in our relationship when we agreed to meet tonight for beers, but I doubted we would talk about anything else. I thought constantly about having sex with him, and I'm sure he was equally preoccupied with the subject.
    It was about as weird a situation I could imagine being in: a happily married man sneaking around for sex with another guy, also happily married. Yet here we were.
    I had just about finished my first beer when the door opened and Rick walked in. He signaled to the waitress for a round of beers and slid into the booth.
    "Dude, you won't believe this," he said excitedly. "Ted offered me his cabin for a weekend."
    "Nice! Where is it?"
    "On some lake a couple of hours north of here," he said. "He sent me some photos. It's not a palace but it looks pretty comfortable. There's even a hot tub."
    Ted was a work friend of Rick's who had asked him the week before to take care of his dog for a few days while he was out of town. LIttle did Ted know that Rick and I had used his house twice as a place to meet for sex.
    The offer of the cabin was a nice way for Ted to say thanks, but I wasn't sure why Rick was so excited about it.
    "Dude!" he said. (Rick was over 30 and held a highly responsible job but still talked like a stoner.) "We can go up there and fuck like rabbits!"
    "Ohhhhh," I said, getting excited myself. "I guess I thought you'd take Debbie up there, not me."
    Debbie was Rick's wife.
    "Nah, she's not much for the woods," Rick said. "Remember, she wouldn't even go to the Caribbean unless we picked the poshest resort we could afford."
    "It sounds great," I said.
    "I haven't even gotten to the best part," he said. "Do you remember that first night we had sex on the beach, you asked me if I had ever thought about sex with another guy? I mentioned someone at work I had once thought about approaching, but could never work up the nerve?"
    "Yeah, I remember."
    "That guy was Ted."
    "So what do you have in mind?"
    "Well, he probably offered me the cabin thinking I'd ...