1. NYE Surprise

    Date: 3/15/2023, Categories: Fetish Author: Midwestfeet, Source: LushStories

    My wife decided instead of going out for New Years this year, she'd rather have just a few friends over and have a low-key night. I couldn't argue because I didn't want to fight the crowds anyways.So she took care of the invite list and kept it to about eight people, four couples.Fast forward to New Years and here we are getting ready after the last check of appetizers warming and making sure we had enough beer and booze to host. Wife is in the shower and I'm getting dressed in the bedroom. I hear her call for me to let me know it's a dress-casual theme. Unaware there was a theme, I went back to the bedroom to remove my comfy jeans and find a pair of black dress pants. After ten minutes I finally had what I wanted and was dressed - black dress pants, a nice black and white dress shirt and comfy but dressy black shoes. I then left the bedroom to go check on the music and appetizers again and give my wife all the room so she could get ready. I had no idea what she was planning to wear, but I was holding my breath either. See, my wife hardly ever gets dressed up. Although when she does, she turns heads everywhere we go. She's 5'1", 115lbs with light brown hair and green/hazel eyes. She is petite in every sense, including her 34B breasts and perky little ass. Her best feature to me are her slender legs leading down to her size six sexy feet.After a few warnings that our guests would be there any minute, she finally stepped out of the bedroom. When I turned to look, my jaw almost hit the floor. She was wearing a black sleeveless top with black slacks that tailored tightly around her ankles. When she spun around for me to see, the pants formed to her ass so perfectly it was almost as if they were stuck in her ass crack. Then I looked down and noticed something I've been asking for for a long time with no luck - she was wearing her black three inch leather heels and I could see either stockings or pantyhose underneath! Boy, what was she thinking tonight! I did my best to hide my excitement and luckily the doorbell rang before I could say anything.Our first guests arrived, her friend Cassandra and her husband Steve. We welcomed them in and showed them to the bar in the basement. I made our first round of drinks and we had a quick toast. Girls were having wine, Steve a beer and I made a rum and coke for myself. After a few minutes, the next guests arrived, Tony and Michelle. As they were making their way downstairs Matt and Kristen showed up. We all gathered by the bar and we decided it was a good time for everyone to have a shot! Shots went down and I made sure everyone had a drink. I made myself another drink and re-filled my wifes wine. All the guys we're behind the bar talking with the ladies sitting in the stools across from us. I had some music playing in the background and the lights dimmed down - so far so good. My wife got a text from the last couple saying their son was sick so they cancelled their sitter and were going to stay in for the ...