1. Finding Lynn Part 2

    Date: 3/15/2023, Categories: Lesbian Author: diamondjim, Source: LushStories

    Lynn and her Dom had just entered the “Crystal Ballet”, an upscale strip club and restaurant near the Pentagon.
    "The lady is free of charge," the bouncer said as he viewed my sweetheart from ankle to forehead and back again. "If you are looking for Leon, he is backstage dressing one of the girls for a fancy visitor." As I nodded with a knowing smile, he pushed all my money back at me saying, "If you are that guy, man, you have already paid, in spades."
    As we sat down in the VIP section facing the center stage, I watched Lynn's eyes as she nervously looked around the room. I could tell from the clutching of my hand that she was nervous being the only woman not "working." Even with plenty of cleavage, so readily apparent, she was clearly overdressed for this establishment.
    The thumping music was so loud I had to get awfully close to her ear to say, "Remember sweetheart, this is formy pleasure!"
    Hearing those words Lynn visible relaxed. Knowing what was expected of her pleased her. As the center of attention, both from me and the strangers in the room, she blushed while her nipples soon became apparent, straining against her thin sun dress. Looking towards the stage Lynn finally saw the young blond twisting and spinning down a long brass pole. Hanging upside down, her long blond hair created a golden halo between her head and the stage floor. Lynn was a little started when she quickly sank towards the floor and then her ankles expertly slowed her descent causing her breasts to lift up and fall back towards her neck.
    The young lady, just barely eighteen with firm breasts and a very flat tummy, continued to grind her body against the pole. I wondered if Mommy and Daddy knew how she was putting to good use all those many cheer-leading camps they had paid for. As she slid across the stage she lifted and rocked her legs as if she was in the midst of coitus with an invisible lover. Knowing this song would soon end the men rose to bring her tips at the edge of the stage.
    "Bring her this," I instructed while handing Lynn a ten-dollar bill while separating her hand from mine. "Wait," I said turning her back towards me, " Women can only tip using their teeth."
    I watched with a big smile as Lynn moved to the stage, waiting for all the men to tip the young girl and leave. Most put their dollar offering into the garter belt, high up on her hip, or the side strap of the very thin black mesh thong. She smiled sweetly as each took the opportunity to briefly caress her inner thigh.
    The blond dancer finally took notice of Lynn and the offered ten dollars pursed between her red lips. That prize was equal to all the tips of the other men and generated the desired effect.
    "You like my dancing, honey?" Her eyes had locked on Lynn and the ten-dollar prize, as she scooted towards the edge of the stage.
    Lynn just nodded and bent forward to deliver the offered gift. Much to Lynn's surprise and my pleasure the dancer flung her legs over Lynn's ...