1. Chapter 3 - The Public Ordeals of Tasnova

    Date: 3/15/2023, Categories: Celebrities, Humor, Fetish Author: Jhonson5, Source: xHamster

    The day after the bathroom Incident was a holiday, so I decided not to get Tasnova involved for the day. Making it too frequesnt might break her too soon, and I wanted to have more fun with her, give her some hope before taking it away. I let her rest the day after that as well and told Prianka to play along, pretending that I'm also blackmailing her too. Prianka reported back that she did exactly that and that she made sure to tell Tasnova that if she tried to fight back, I'd destroy her life. She reported that the bitch ended up crying for hours after that but I didnt care. She looked down on me, and was now getting what she deserved.
    As her rest was now officially over, I decided to play with her popularity a bit more now. Looking through what I could do. I knew I could fuck her any time, but that wasnt enough, I needed to make sure she knew her place. I needed to take that Bangladeshi Pride of hers and crush it. So it seemed only fitting that I started focusing on her reputation a bit more. I called Prianka and ordered her to bring Tasnova to us, which she followed without really asking much about it. When the two appeared, Tasnova was dressed in a full sleeve long top that reached just upto her thighs like a Kamiz almost and jeans. And ofcourse, there was her Hijab again, A sight I genuinely didnt want to see on her. " Are you still pretending to act all innocent and pure even after you practically fucked around like a whore the past few days?" I mock her, waiting to see her reaction. Tasnova didnt respond though, she just looked down. " Answer the question" I order in a more threatening manner, which shook her up a bit it seemed. "N-no" She responded. " Good, then take off that stupid headpiece, it doesnt suit sluts like you, got it?" I spoke out, intending to rub the insult onto her. " Yes sir" She responded before slowly starting to undo her Hijab. As she took it off and let her hair fall down again, I could tel she wasnt as humiliated at being my bitch at the moment. I suppose after getting fucked by me the two times before, she's come to an acceptance about everything. Which is why I needed to Up the anti. I was going to make a spectacle of her today. " Now take off your top and jeans" Tasnova followed the orders without much hesitation. I watched as Tasnova reached down around her waist, pulling the top up before pulling the whole thing above her head, revealing her black Bra. She then proceeded to unhook her jeans before pulling them down too exposing the matching panties. While normally seeing her in black underwear would be a treat, I couldnt have that for today. I walk up to Tasnova, moving my fingers around her body, down her shoulders to her chest, till I find my finger between her Breasts, playing with the Bra. I could tell that she was prepared already to be stripped naked, and so when I ripped off her Bra, she wasnt too phrased, she just proceeded to look down. I grab her breast this time, squeezing them and playing with ...