1. Dahamrai & Henderson Ch. 07

    Date: 3/15/2023, Categories: BDSM Author: byDuchessDesire, Source: Literotica

    Synopsis: Layla Dahamrai has just begun her second year at university. She's acing every class and is one of the department's best students in her cohort. However, she's not getting along with her professor in her East Asian Regimes & Empires class, not that it's really her fault. It doesn't help that she's hot for her teacher either. Sebastian Henderson expects the best out of his students, given he's teaching at one of the most prestigious universities in London. He's had enough of Layla stumbling into his class late at the beginning of the semester. In the six years he's been teaching in academia, he has never desired a student until now. Layla and Sebastian will soon come to realise they have more in common during, and definitely out of, office hours.
    Chapter 7: Conquering the Club
    Bringing my arms above my head, I stretch out my back, then return to sitting on the sofa in Sebastian's library. I'm currently bombarded with assignments as the end of the first semester approaches. The start of December will always be a nightmare for students. However, Sebastian's library is a peaceful place to study and complete my assignments. I can still be near him without needing to be in the same room as him since he prefers to work in his office.
    When he walks into the room, I'm finishing an essay, legs tucked under me on the sofa. Sebastian has a bright smile when he walks into the room. I lick my lips and check him out as he reaches for a book for his own research paper. He is wearing a black, thin turtle neck top that hugs his lean body and muscles in all the right ways. It goes especially well with the khaki wide-leg trousers as they defined that delectable ass of his very well. Sebastian always looks fantastic and my toes curl at the sight of him.
    With the two books in his hands, he sits next to me and looks over at my screen. "How's the assignment coming along, my love?" Sebastian puts the books down next to him, wraps his arm around my waist, and kisses my cheek.
    "It's just a building analysis for European Architecture. I've finished proofreading it. I was just going to submit it."
    "Let me take a look," he takes the laptop from me, "I'll give it a second glance." Sebastian looks at the essay with one hand on the laptop and another squeezing my thigh.
    "Thank you, Professor Henderson," I say then thank him with a kiss on the cheek. I don't pay attention to the screen but rather to him and how he concentrates when he's working. I brush my hand through his hair and play with the long waves that frame his face. I bring my fingers down to his ear and begin playing with the subtle piercings in his lobe and helix that were always hidden by his hair. Sebastian only had them in one ear and they are so small you wouldn't notice them unless you lifted his hair from his face and actually tried to see them.
    Sebastian looks at me minutes later and gives me his grin that makes my heart burst out of my chest. "This is an ...