1. Vampire Rape_(0)

    Date: 3/15/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Bestiality, Group Sex BDSM Author: timothy91, Source: sexstories.com

    The snow fall was heavy during the day, piling down like it was a blizzard putting two feet of snow in a mere hour. Then the snow stopped suddenly. And nightfall began to come to the lands, the duchess that had been sleeping finally woke, still in her sleeping clothes, a very thin bakini top, and a thong that nearly showed off all of her bits. Her name, Sabrina. She walked over to her wardrobe popping the doors open quickly before pulling out her armor plated stockings sliding them up her fair soft legs. The leather of the stockings clung tight to her legs, and made her legs look even more defined as soon as they were in place she sighed a sign of her boredom as she reached up to her chest plate of armor that was less flattering in general as it made her chest look flat even though her breasts were that of a man's dreams. Then she took her helm from its hook, placing it over her shimmering black locks of hair while the torches in her room lit up on their own. Sabrina then grabbed the chastity groin plate of her armor, clamping it down on each side to ensure that any attackers to that region would find themselves in a lot of pain if they were using their bare fists to attempt to stun her. Though her armor was designed to be strong, all forged from steel, her blade that hung in the closet was pure thick silver. Sharp enough to carve flesh from bone with one gentle stroke, Sabrina smiled towards the blade as she had sent many of the Lycan to the depths of death with this blade, she loved this weapon since her late lover had given it to her before his passing. The engravings in the ancient tongue of vampires, “Etriche, Macsus contelus Sabrina.” The words in this language meant, to my love Sabrina. The blade was the last thing she had of him, but her hate for the Lycan had developed to an obsession rather than a simple hatred. Four of Sabrina's most trusted guard came into the room each lining up two, by two on either side of the door already prepared for any sort of battle that they'd have to give their lives to save Sabrina, every one of these guards were female, but the best in her army with a blade earning their places. Their breasts were almost as large as Sabrina's but fell short in comparison, their armor did the same thing that Sabrina's did, made their chests look flat. Sabrina nodded to her favorite guard, the blonde that had struck down more Lycan's than the other of the private guard, she nodded back immediately as a sign of respect. Sabrina continued forward at this point, her armored leg plates, and boots began to clang against the stone floor while she passed through the door that had been coated in silver to ensure none of the Lycan's would break in, and kill her in her sleep. As Sabrina carried on through the halls her breath became colder, as did the armor making her nipples perk beneath, and with each step the cold metal stroked her nipple through the cloth underneath it, along with the cold of the chastity plate on her groin it was ...