1. Teenage Pornstar_(2)

    Date: 3/15/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Consensual Sex Teen Straight Sex Oral Sex / Blowjob Romance / Love Stories Author: Italianpride, Source: sexstories.com

    Her name's Jennifer Rose, she moved in three doors down from my house. She's the new girl at high-school, and in almost all my classes. We have talked over the past few days, about things she likes and loves. Jennifer's the very friendly and enthusiastic type, she's interested and opened minded to basically anything.
    The interesting part began on a social media site, one that was designed to share images, Tumblr. I received a messaged from Jennifer's with a link to another page. She was also asked that I meet her the next day at the front of the house, after school. My first thought was it's just another blog, it didn't have other followers from school. However I soon discovered something entirely different.The first series of photos seemed normal, although the photos continuing down the page weren’t. There was a series of images displaying her breasts, some images were barely covered, and others completely exposing them. This girl was barely even eighteen, besides the fact she seemed like a very innocent person.
    It didn’t finish with above her waist, there were numerous styles and types of images. Some were from the shower, bedroom and even the living room and the kitchen. Pictures having everything displayed for the viewers pleasure. The images had thousands and thousands of likes and shares, with even more profile admirers. One particular image of her had over 3000 notes alone.
    School finished and I started walking over to her house. My heart was racing, she didn't come to school. I was almost there and suddenly it started raining. I took off my jacket and used it to cover me, I picked up pace. I was at my street, I turned and saw Jennifer by her door, "Quickly! Come in!" she shouted
    I opened the gate and jolted to her front porch. "I'm getting you a towel, one second" she said. I was absolutely drenched and freezing. “Hey Jennifer, you picked a good day didn't you?" I said laughing. "Hey Anthony, Come to the lounge, there's a delightful fire going." She lead me living room.
    "Where are your parents?" I asked. "My mother won't be home for few hours, and besides my father is never home. Is that okay?"
    "That's fine! Seems like you're living the good life, alone and free." I replied "It's a weird type of life! Would you like to do something to pass the time? I'm not exactly the most boring person in this world" she giggled. I thought this would be a good time to bring up the Blog “Jennifer why did you send me that Tumblr yesterday?” I asked. I believed you were opened to that kind of stuff? A girl exposing herself for the world to see, pretty hot isn't it? Besides, one of your friends told me that you think I'm the most beautiful girl you've seen.” she replied.
    "You are the most beautiful girl anyone’s ever seen. What did you want to do to pass the time?" I inquired. "I brought you here so we could fuck! I'll let you do anything. It's obvious you like me. We've been talking every day.” She responded. So what? You're asking me ...