1. The Beginning of the autobiography-Phase II

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    The Beginning of the ****biography-Phase II
    Hope you read the first part, because if didn’t you probably would have no idea as to what this is.
    Lynn and I got married the following Saturday to an overly enthusiastic contingent of friends. One of which was not there, that would be Dan.
    Within months of the marriage it seemed as though Lynn had forgotten and I acted as if it had never happened. But to be honest, the deal with Dan was always in the back of my mind. But, life rolled on and I graduated the next spring, getting a job that required an over hour commute. It was necessary, as Lynn still had to finish up her undergraduate degree.
    She hit on her dream job, which was in the same city as our college, but we agreed to purchase a home midway in a quasi-rural area about half way in between. So we would each go in opposite directions, but neither of our driving time was much over 35-40 minutes. Which does not sound like much, but psychologically made it seem as though we were on opposite sides of the universe during the day. Fortunately Lynn had her group of friends close by, me on the other hand, I had to find new ones.
    Another year passed and Lynn and I came to a mutual decision to have children, within another ten months along came our first-born. Yep, we were the happy family, even got a dog.
    The pregnancy did not do wonders for Lynn’s body and she worked hard every day to get it back. Her best friend Sandy helped her by meeting her at a gym every day after work before the trek home. It worked…sort of. Lynn got her body back, but her already small “B” cups, were now teacups. She acted like it did not matter, but she was now very conscious of how she dressed.
    Again Sandy came to the rescue in that she was now a full-fledged Psychologist able to help Lynn cope with any insecurity. Sandy had gathered up their female friends and started up a sort of sorority for support of all of them. They met once a month and I just kind of figured it was a women’s night out thing.
    Unfortunately it did not necessarily improve our sex life. By six months after little Joey was born, Lynn and I were lucky to have sex once every couple weeks. Even then it was pretty non-inspiring, she pretty much just laid there in the missionary position. Granted, Joey was taking much of our allotted time, but we were both in our mid-twenties and at least, for me, my sexual drive was on the upswing.
    No doubt, my eyes were wandering, I saw tits and ass everywhere. Especially at the gym where I was now working out religiously, actually making a point to go there when the most women attended. I even started flirting with some of them and by the response that was either imagined or real, emboldened me. Not that I was a voyeur, at least in my mind, but instead of working out with briefs under my workout shorts, I started wearing loose boxers.
    It boosted my ego when I would go to the bench press and observed more and more of the women starting to populate ...