1. Bridal Party

    Date: 3/16/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob Cheating Group Sex Incest / Taboo Author: Lokki_smiles, Source: sexstories.com

    Wedding Party
    We received our invitation to Liz's cousin's wedding. It was far enough away that we booked a room at a motel in the area and had my mom watch the kids for the weekend.
    It wasn't until we were well on the way to the destination that Liz told me we would be rooming next door to her brother and his wife. I found him to be a bore but his wife was a tasty dish on any menu. Friday night was the usual meet and greet at a small pub booked by the couple. It was close enough to the motel that Liz and I walked to the pub. Appetizers and drinks quickly lubricated the conversation. Family catching up on history, gossip, and other tidbits filled the air.
    I, Liz, Bridget, and Matt walked back to the motel. Matt and Bridget walked arm in arm in front of us. I watched her ass swaying under a light dress in time the clicking of her heels on the sidewalk. I was getting hard, wrapped my arm around Liz, and cupped her far cheek, and massaged her ass the rest of the way.
    We quickly said goodnight to the others and slid into our room. With alcohol and nasty talk from the walk, we were both excited. Our clothes were scattered around the room before we landed naked on the bed. We were pawing at each other like newlyweds. We had not been away from the children for several months and I had a major set of blue balls. Liz's excitement was heightened by the glasses of wine she had at the party. When she rolled me on my back and started playing with my cock I could hear voices from the next room. Matt was telling Bridget how hot she looked naked. My cock quickly hardened as Matt was moaning and talking dirty.
    When Liz crawled up my body and kissed me with her warm wet lips I couldn't take it anymore. Rolling her on her back and spreading her legs I slid my hard cock into her warm wet pussy. I started slowly. The voices in the room had calmed so I concentrated on my lovely wife. My cock was snug in her velvet pussy when I heard the first moans of my sister-in-law. They started softly but quickly got louder and more frantic. As Bridget got more excited my thrusting increased as well. I closed my eyes and my cock swelled bigger inside Liz. Her legs wrapped around me as drove into her body with the force of a crazy man. In my mind, it was Bridget under me. Her sloppy pussy was sucking the sperm from my body. I steadied myself by grabbing the tits under me and leveraging my thrusts to make sure my cock was deep in the lady under me. When Bridget gave out an orgasmic groan I could take it no more. With one final thrust, I froze. My cock was fully in her sweet tunnel as I seed slammed into her cervix. My groan and Liz's gasp filled our room as we exploded in unison.
    I fell next to my wife and we both dropped off the sleep. We were naked when a knock woke us up the next morning. Liz kissed me sweetly then grabbed her robe. She answered the door and Matt cheerfully spoke, "Morning. You two ready for breakfast?"
    Liz told him we were still asleep and ...