1. Growing up Polygamy Part 2!

    Date: 3/16/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob Cheating Consensual Sex Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Teen Non-consensual Sex Author: primo10, Source: sexstories.com

    *All fictional characters in this story participating in sexual activity are at or above the age of consent*
    “Ughhh….ahhh, Mom if you keep doing that we’re going to crash” I moaned trying to focus on the road while Carol focused on sliding my prick in her throat. I was amazed at her nonexistent gag reflex. Within seconds she had taken the entire veiny pulsing member and I could now feel her tongue playingly licking the sensitive loose skin of my scrotum.
    “Mmmmm” I heard her hum just before she started to jerk her head up and down, fucking her own face with my cock. I could feel a hint of her molars grazing the shaft but the slight pain didn’t take anything away from the pleasure.
    With a sharp inhale of breath, I released a thick load of hot cock juice down her throat, soon to be mixing around in her belly.
    I must have swerved several times and nearly hit god only knows how many cars.
    Even as my flowing river of cum had come to a dribble, Carol kept her throat firmly contracting around my throbbing penis trying to get every drop of semen, as if she wasn’t going to get gallons more…….in the next 24 hours alone no less. The rest of the family wouldn’t be joining us until the day after tomorrow so the scenario in my mind was to go at it like a couple of bunny rabbits.
    I finally felt her mouth slide completely off my now deflating penis. Along with satisfaction and a hunger for more I felt the cool air hit my saliva drenched dick.
    Carol tucked it back into my shorts before sitting up and settling into her seat with slight smile on her face.
    “How was that sweetie?” she asked knowing full well how it was.
    “My father’s a fucking idiot” I said like a was stating a fact.
    “Watch your mouth young man, and good sons shouldn’t talk about their fathers that way” she scolded me, half-heartedly it seemed.
    “Good sons also aren’t supposed to fuck their mothers” I smirked. “And he is an idiot mom, you’re so amazing and unbelievably sexy. He doesn’t treat you the way he should…..good for me though suppose”. I shouldn’t have said any of it.
    Carol and my dad’s relationship wasn’t something anyone talked about, hell my father would even scowl when Carol said anything remotely related to the two of them spending any time together. I first noticed this years ago, and when I asked my actual mother about it she simply said “a wife’s main purpose is for making babies and a woman who can’t produce the number of children her husband wants is doomed”. And that folks is one of the grim aspects of my father’s values. I never asked him anything about it or anything about any of his wives. He was from a more traditional generation and we would never see eye to eye about that sort of anything.
    “Your father has his reasons sweetie, but I don’t want to talk about that. I just want to us to have a nice trip while we can”.
    “Of course mom” I let it go. We were pulling up to the cabin anyway and it would take some work to get the place to my ...