1. Hot Wife Hotel - Olivia Enjoys Being a Trucker Fucker

    Date: 3/16/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: techgoddess, Source: LushStories

    When Steve came home from work, Olivia was sound asleep. He picked up a note that said, “Wake me when you get home, please.”
    He smiled. But instead of waking her up, he undressed and crawled in next to her. She looked so innocent, lying there with no makeup on and her hair pulled back in a ponytail. He knew she was exhausted. How could she not be? She’d spent last night serving three men as a sex slave, living out one of her greatest fantasies, and had taken cocks in all her holes for hours and hours.
    Then, this morning, she had an impromptu session with Christine, the lesbian housekeeper who seemed to have a thing for Liv and a fetish for sniffing the sheets to enjoy the smell of sex. He wished he could have stayed to watch them finish, but he had a meeting that couldn’t be postponed.
    As it was, he was considered on-call every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Little did his colleagues know, his wife was the sexy, extremely sought after, redheaded hotwife at Hot Wife Hotel. It was like a dream come true watching other men, and occasionally women, fuck his wife. It was so hot knowing they were enjoying what belonged to him.
    Last night, he got involved in the incredibly hot fun to help make Liv’s night a memorable one, but also to make sure that the other two guys didn’t get too carried away. He was pleased that it all went so well, and that the guys were interested in doing another group session soon. He’d like to get Olivia to agree to go to Ray’s house for a weekend of debauchery.
    So far, even though she really liked Ray, she was insistent that she only had sex with clients at the Hotel. He figured he would eventually convince her it was fine to branch out a little. But for now, he respected her wishes and didn’t push things.
    “Mm, hey, what time is it?” Liv murmured, half awake.
    “Time to snuggle with your husband,” Steve chuckled. “My poor overused wife needs to rest up for her next shift.”
    Liv giggled, “I feel like I could sleep for days. Who knew being used for hours like that could be so exhausting!”
    “Are you very sore, baby?” Steve said apologetically.
    “Yes, but it feels so erotic knowing I kept up with three horny guys all night long!” She said proudly.
    “How about I run you a nice, hot bath while I order some carryout for dinner?” He offered.
    “That sounds amazing! You’re the best husband ever!” She rolled over and kissed him.
    “Fabulous! Then I can pour us both a glass of wine and you can tell me about the rest of your time with Christine this morning,” he said smiling.
    “The rest? So, youwere watching! I figured as much!” Olivia laughed. “She was so tasty! How much did you see before you had to go?”
    “You were telling her to inhale the scent of your well-fucked pussy and ramming your fingers into her, and she was screaming,” Steve grinned.
    “Ah, there wasn’t much more, but she did cum three times,” Liv said wiggling her eyebrows in a seductive manner, as she got into the steaming hot water in the ...