1. Sunday Evening Pt. 1

    Date: 3/16/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: RealBoredWife, Source: LushStories

    Woke up this morning with a sore pussy from the two poundings my husband gave it yesterday. We spent the afternoon at a kid's birthday party and it always makes me so hot knowing that all the dads are checking me out. I whispered to my husband that I wanted him to eat my pussy as soon as we got home. I know at least one of the dads standing nearby heard me. I wonder if it inspired him to eat his wife's pussy when they got home or if he just jacked off in the bathroom imagining his head between my thighs.
    I didn't get my pussy licked right away though. I decided to hop in the shower when we got home while my husband made dinner. Once it was in the oven and the kids were watching TV, he ran upstairs to check on me. He found me in the shower sitting on the built-in seat, legs spread, using the massaging shower head on my little pussy. He took out his cock and started stroking it as I came, moaning as quietly as I could.
    I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I didn't even get a chance to dry off before my husband grabbed my naked body and bent me over the sink. He pulled my hair pack forcing me to watch my tits bounce in the mirror as he fingered my cunt with first one, then two big fingers. "You're pussy is so wet," he growled in my ear. "Think you can take a third finger in your hot little muffin?"
    "I love your fingers, babe but I want your cock before dinner burns."
    "You can have my cock now but you're still going to get stuffed with my fingers later. I want to watch you squirm."
    He pulled his fingers out of my soaking twat and slid his big cock in a deep as it would go. He let go of my hair and reached around to grab my tits to keep me upright. "Did you see all those dads checking out your big tits today?" he asked as he pinched my hard nipples.
    "You love the attention, don't you, you little slut?"
    "I do. I pretended to accidentally brush my boobs against Jeff's arm and I swear he got hard."
    "Jeff wouldn't know what to do with these tits," Ryan said as he sped up his pace, thrusting his cock deeper into my wet hole.
    "Mmmm, I'd show him what to do, babe."
    Ryan let go of my tits and I placed my palms down on the vanity. My tits were swinging under me to the rhythm of the pounding Ryan was giving my pussy. I noticed Ryan had his phone out and was pointing it at the mirror. "Oh, yeah, tell me what you would show him. Tell the camera how you'd teach Jeff to handle your massive rack."
    "I'd wait until he and I are alone, I'd take off my top and straddle his lap. I'd press his face between my breasts and reach back to take off my bra. Once I'm completely topless I'll hold my nipples up to his lips, one at a time, and tell him to suck on them as I grind my crotch against the bulge in his jeans." Telling this story to Ryan had me so close to cumming. I needed to push both of us over the edge because I was sure dinner was almost ready.
    "What then, babe?" Ryan asked.
    "I cum just from ...