1. Never trust Aunt Angie part 2_(2)

    Date: 3/16/2023, Categories: Diary , Bisexual Blackmail, Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Author: Sick Puppy, Source: sexstories.com

    I took a deep breath before coming inside the house, i just drove for 2 hours from my college and i guess it wasn't enough time for me to get ready, one more second should do it
    I moved my hands through my long blonde hair and i opened the door
    It's not like i lived it up in college, i wasn't a party girl or anything, but with my father gone the only reason for me to come home is my mom, it's also nice to see my brother, but we never really talk anymore, i guess we just grow up and stopped liking the same things.
    My aunt also lives with us, Aunt Angie.
    I will never say this to my mom or brother but to be honest, i never really liked Aunt Angie, she was always nice to me, don't get me wrong
    I just don't really trust her
    she always seems to get her way,
    I don't know if she plans on moving out any time soon, but ever since she moved in i was feeling less and less at home.
    Don't worry, i won't tell you every detail of my visit, i know what you guys want
    I know what all guys want
    And girls
    It was dinner when i saw something was off with Zac
    We were all there, talking about collage and old memories when Angie said she has to make a call and got out of the room
    About 3 minutes later Zac got up to go to the bathroom, but there was something in his eyes
    He seemed tired, or... what's the word...
    Defeated! He was walking out slowly
    He seem to look at our faces to see our reaction for him going to the bathroom.
    Now I'm a very observant person, my mom on the other hand is not.
    My mom just sat there and talked about the time we all went to the petting zoo and a goose chased me
    But instead of telling her that geese suck and they have no place in a petting zoo in the first place, i got up and walked around the house, she didn't even ask me where i was going, i walked in silence
    Angie's room was empty, my heart was racing, what am i going to find?
    Then it hit me, it hit me hard and i felt so stupid for not getting it sooner,
    It's mom's birthday in a week!
    They are planning something for her birthday!
    Well now I was offended, why didn't they ask for my help?
    I saw Zac stepping out of the bathroom
    "I know what's going on" i said
    He seemed weird for a second
    "What are you talking about?" He said nervously
    "Mom's birthday, what are you getting her???"
    He looked relieved for some reason
    "Don't worry about that, we'll take care of it" he said smugly
    "Hey fuck you, i want in on it. You don't even know what she likes" I was getting angry but didn't seem to care
    "We got her a dress ok? It's very nice so just don't tell her and stay out of it, I'll tell her it was from all of us, don't worry.
    You probably won't even be here for her birthday anyway"
    He was right I guess...
    But it still felt bad to not be included.
    I walked pass him to go to the bathroom and he grabbed my hand to stop me
    "What?!" I snapped
    He jumped back in the bathroom
    "Sorry i have to use ...