1. For the first time pt.2

    Date: 3/16/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM First Time Gay Teen Group Sex Author: Thatguy120, Source: sexstories.com

    "Alright." Jakob and Matt both agreed. I climbed onto the bed and Matt climbed on and got in front of me. Jakob stood beside the bed.
    "There's lube in the drawer there." I pointed to the nightstand. He found the lube and squirted some into his hand. He stroked it into his dick and used what was left and smeared in onto my ass hole. He wiped his finger over my hole and pressed into it. I clenched and tried my best to relax. I felt his finger tip slide past my hole and I tensed again. He laid his hand on my ass cheek and rubbed it. I looked at Matt who was sitting in front of me and saw his dick laying there, dripping with pre-cum. I grabbed his shaft with one hand and I moved in and licked the pre-cum covered tip until it was clean. I dropped my head onto his dick, letting Jakob prepare my ass with his fingers. It moved around inside me, as if it was checking for room. He pulled out his finger and put more lube on his hand, rubbing it into my ass hole. I felt him put two fingers in this time. He moved them in and out and it felt amazing. I went up and down on Matt's dick with ferocity now. I bobbed up and down faster and deeper. Hitting my nose on his trimmed pubes every time I went down. I felt more pre-cum leak out of his tip. I licked it up and went back to work.
    Behind me Jakob had pulled out his fingers and was pushing his dick against my ass hole. It pressed hard before my hole gave way. It was thicker than I expected and I tensed, causing him to slide out. He put more lube on his dick and pressed into me slower this time. Easing in his head, then stopping, then he slowly pushed in. I was in pure ecstasy. I had a nice dick in my mouth and one going into my ass. I felt Jakob push the last of his dick into me, pushing at my insides, I wanted it all. I pushed back against his hips, forcing more into me. He pulled back and pushed it all the way back in. "Faster." I told him.
    "Alright, little bitch." He pulled out and slammed his hips into my ass, causing me to gasp and raise off of Matt's dick. I moaned loudly and muffled myself with Matt's dick again. Matt moaned when I reached his base again with my lips. They slid so easily up and down his shaft. Stopping at the lip of the head and sliding all the way back down. I never wanted it to end. I pushed all if Matt into me and pushed my ass back as far as I could. I was being filled up by both of my best friends and I loved it. I was thrown forward and pulled back by Jakob's fast and powerful thrusts. I moaned. I reached under and grabbed my dick. It was dripping with pre-cum. I wiped it up and used it as lube for my own dick and started to give myself a hand job. I felt Jakob lean over me and almost lay on top of me. He reached down and grabbed my dick and started stroking with every other thrust of his hips.
    "Fuck me harder, master." I moaned on Matt's dick. I felt Jakob start thrusting harder. I was thrown forward with every thrust and smack of his hips on my ass. I went down harder ...