1. Straying From the Path

    Date: 3/16/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: CuckyBoy, Source: LushStories

    One recent Saturday morning my wife and I were finishing a late breakfast when we heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to find an attractive young couple, dressed as for church, on our doorstep. The husband explained they were members of the local Baptist church and were canvassing our neighborhood to issue invitations to non-members to join them for Sunday school and services afterwards.
    They both looked to be in their early thirties. He was tall and slender, clean shaven and rather handsome, wearing a nice suit. She was about five-two, curvy, wearing a skirt, blouse, heels and stockings. Her modest blouse could not hide her ample breasts.
    I thought I might have a little fun with them, so I invited them in. I could see the surprise on their faces. I imagine most people would politely decline to meet with them or listen to their message. After introductions, my wife announced she was in the middle of something and excused herself. I had them take a seat across from me and served them coffee. His name was Bob and his wife was Sandy.
    “I’m glad you stopped by,” I told them, “as I have several questions about your church’s position on some marital issues. Perhaps you can enlighten me?”
    They looked at each other, then back at me.
    “We will certainly try,” the Bob replied.
    “My questions are rather delicate,” I said, “and I don’t want to embarrass you, so if you’d rather not…”
    “We are only too happy to try and give you the information you seek,” Bob said, “Marital issues? Well, God wants his servants to be fulfilled, so fire away with your questions.”
    “My questions concern how the husband and wife relate to each other sexually, and to others,” I told them, “and what duties the wife owes the husband, and his duties to her.”
    Bob glanced at Sandy, then at me. Sandy shifted in her seat and crossed her legs.
    “A wife is commanded by the scriptures to submit to her husband in everything, including sexually. It’s unquestionably her duty to do so,” Bob said, “At the same time husbands are commanded to cherish their wives. This will bring fulfillment to both.”
    “I see,” I said, “So if a husband desires his wife to engage in certain practices for his pleasure, she is duty bound to do so?”
    “Absolutely,” Bob replied, “and she must do so with a willing spirit. At the same time, it is the husband’s duty to attend to his wife’s needs, whatever they may be.”
    “Ahhh,” I said, “and how do you feel about this, Sandy? Do you agree with your husband?”
    “Of course,” Sandy replied, “I know my duty to him, and he knows his duty to me. I take joy in my submission.”
    There was a pause for a moment, and nothing was said. Finally, Bob spoke.
    “I think we’ve answered your question fully,” Bob said, “but I am curious as to your reasons for asking? If you aren’t uncomfortable answering.”
    “I’m happy to share my reasons with you both,” I replied, “My wife and I enjoy certain sexual pleasures that you might find a little out of the ...