1. Luscious Lucy

    Date: 3/16/2023, Categories: Teen Author: DickT67, Source: LushStories

    Let me tell you the story of how I spent all evening making love to a beautiful eighteen-year-old girl, whilst I should have been dating her mother.
    I had been invited around for lunch by Louise, a woman I worked with. She had told a mutual friend she fancied me. I liked Louise, she was good at her job and was a very nice person, but I had no sexual feelings towards her. However, I had been divorced for three months and thought it was about time I got myself back in the game, so I decided to take her up on the invite.
    I had to park a couple of streets away and knew I was a bit early, but I did not want to hang around in the cold.
    I rang the bell and within a couple of seconds, the door was answered by a very pretty, blonde girl. She was wearing a pair of tight running bottoms and a boob tube, which hinted at a fairly impressive set of tits beneath it. She had a big smile on her face.
    ‘Hi, you must be Tony. I’m Lucy.’
    ‘Mum will be down in a minute. Can I get you anything?’
    ‘No, I’m fine thanks.’
    She showed me into the lounge and started to ask me about a multiple of questions. Was I her Mum’s new boyfriend? How long had I known her? Where did I live?
    I told her I worked with her mum, and we were friends. I did not live too far away.
    ‘She spoke about you and said you were a nice guy.’
    ‘I am.’
    Lucy was a friendly and talkative young girl. In fact, as her mum walked in, we were both laughing about a TV comedy show we had watched the night before. Apparently, her mother did not approve of the show.
    I got up and said hello to Louise.
    ‘Your daughter has entertained me very well in your absence. Thanks, Lucy.’
    I turned to her and bowed.
    Lucy gave me a big smile and said she hoped to meet me again. She turned around and I swear she deliberately wiggled her arse as she walked. It was a great sight. Luckily, her mum had not noticed me ogling her young daughter.
    Louise apologised for not meeting me at the door, but her ex-husband had called, as they were still trying to sort out finances.
    We had some lunch, made some small talk, but we both soon realised there was no spark between us. I was thinking of an exit strategy when Lucy reappeared.
    She was wearing a tight white blouse, a black mini-skirt, and high-heel ankle boots. She had also put on a little bit of make-up, not too much but enough to enhance her eyes, which sparkled. I must admit, she looked fucking sexy.
    Lucy’s appearance gave Louise the perfect opportunity to end the get together.
    ‘Would it be OK if Tony gave you a lift, darling? Do you mind, Tony?’
    ‘Mum, I am sure he doesn’t want to.’
    ‘No, that would be fine, Lucy. I was just off anyway.’
    She kissed her mum goodbye and Louise told her to be back no later than midnight. Louise and I said our goodbyes. I pecked her on the cheek and thanked her for lunch. On our way out, Lucy picked up a fake fur jacket and put it around her shoulders.
    After we left the house and ...