1. The Dental Chair Pt. 01

    Date: 3/16/2023, Categories: Trans Author: byKrissyWild, Source: Literotica

    Chris had recently graduated from the Dental Hygienist program at the local collage and was excited to begin his new career. Chris was the only male in the Hygienist program and got lots of attention from the young pretty female students.
    Chris kept a big secret from the girls in his class. He was a closet crossdresser with desires to be a beautiful TGirl or maybe even a surgically appointed shemale. He also had a big fetish of the Dentist office. Chris would dream of being strapped into that dental chair and forcefully feminized. Chris could not subdue his ever-developing feminine feelings.
    Chris would dress in his sexy red leather pencil skirt, black pleather turtleneck top, silk stockings, panties, heels, blond wig and would often fantasies about being with another CD or Shemale. Chris always completed his girlie look with a meticulous application of makeup. It was only after he had completely transformed his look into that of a sexy female that Chris felt whole.
    Today was a big day for Chris, he had his first interview at a downtown Dental Practice. The ad got Chris's attention when he noticed the Dentists name in the ad. The name in the ad was "Dr Megan Brook DDS Cosmetic Dentist". This alone made Chris shiver with feelings of guilt and desire. OMG working for a female Dentist would be so amazing.
    Lathering his legs with generous amounts of shaving cream and scrapping them silky smooth was a morning ritual for Chris. However today the inspection of his genital area revealed some unsightly growth. This would require giving his scrotum and crotch area a quick once over with his razor.
    This ritual was always followed with a gentle application of moisturizing cream over the delicate smooth sensitive area. Finally, with such anticipation the most pleasurable part of the morning routine, pulling on those shiny pink satin panties. Wow! What a feeling! So beautiful!
    But today Chris was so excited about his interview he decided that he would wear his matching pink satin garter belt, silk nylons and pink satin camisole. This always made Chris feel feminine and brought a rush of euphoria rippling through his body knowing that under his professional yet casual manly attire he was really Krissy, not Chris. A quick glance at himself in the mirror confirmed that from behind he could easily be mistaken for a shapely young lady.
    As the cab pulled up in front of the professional looking Dental building Chris noticed the lack of windows. This did not alarm Chris but he did think perhaps there were windows in the back. Chris paid the cab driver and proceeded to the front door. The plaque on the building read "Dr Megan Brook DDS". Opening the door Chris entered into a clean sterile lobby. The waiting room had two lovely leather chairs. The chairs were covered in red patent leather.
    Chris approached the beautiful young receptionist sitting behind the counter and introduced himself. She was so hot. She was about 5'6" and 120lbs, shiny ...