1. Submissive Incest Mind Control Chapter 6: Daughter's Ultimate Submission

    Date: 3/17/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy BDSM Cuckold Discipline, Voyeur / Exhibitionism Lesbian Incest / Taboo Group Sex Straight Sex Mind Control, Oral Sex / Blowjob Spanking Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com

    Submissive Incest Mind Control
    A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research
    Chapter Six: Daughter's Ultimate Submission
    By mypenname3000
    Copyright 2018
    Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!
    Such pride surged through me as Daddy led us out of the massage parlor, his hands clutching our leashes. Every time he tugged on it, my clit flared with pleasurable pain. The black leash clipped onto the thick, gold ring pierced through my bud and nestled between my folds of my snatch.
    Proof that I was Daddy's sex slave.
    I walked between my submissive mother and my half-sister Georgia. All three of us were naked (well, Mom wore her black corset, lifting her round breasts into delicious mounds, and her thigh-high, heeled boots), our fat nipples and clits freshly pierced, marked by my dominating Daddy. Though I had mind control powers, I gave myself to my parents.
    To my daddy.
    I loved the kiss of the warm sun on my naked breasts as we stepped out of the tattoo parlor onto the street. The foot traffic passing us froze at the sight of us, guys grinning and women gasping. I shuddered, juices running out of my pussy, my asshole full of Daddy's cum. I licked my lips, tasting my mother and half-sister's pussy juices. I ate them both out, soothing their freshly pierced clits with my tongue and the nanites inside my body given to me by the Halo.
    “Nudity is something wonderful to see,” I ordered the people we passed, banishing shock from their faces. “BDSM is amazing. Women, you need to be your lovers' slaves. You need to worship your man with your body. Whether it's your husband, your boyfriend, your father, or even your brother. Incest is wonderful. And men, you need to dominate and love your women. Spank them when they're naughty. Use their bodies to satiate your cock. Make them cum and cum then coat their bodies in your jizz.”
    My thoughts prickled as I rewrote the morals of the people around me, using my artificial goddess powers to educate. It was so delicious watching eyes widen in realization. The pain wasn't as bad as it was earlier. The more I used my powers, the easier it became.
    “Incest is amazing,” I told a daughter walking with her father as we headed back to the family's minivan. “You are your Daddy's sex slave. You want nothing more than to please him with your body. It makes you so wet to be spanked by him. To pleasure him. You want to suck his cock and let him fuck your tight cunt. And you, Daddy, you want to dominate your daughter. You want to fuck her body. Her pussy. Her asshole. You want her to drink your cum with her pretty mouth. When she's bad, you have to spank her and tie her up and do any naughty things you want to her.”
    The father and daughter shuddered as my thoughts prickled. I knew they would be so happy.
    Daddy glanced back at me, nodding his head in approval. He tugged on the leashes, making the three of us all gasp in delight, my half-sister Georgia shuddering beside me, her larger ...