1. April Fools

    Date: 3/17/2023, Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: John_Doe, Source: LushStories

    Me and my girlfriend planned a wonderful evening together. The evening started off with such an exquisite meal, on a table filled with candles, and soothing music that set the tone. Who could go wrong with a little Barry White for a night of romance?
    A while after eating our meal and sipping on a fine bottle of red wine, our hands began to caress each other's bodies, our lips kissing in sweet, tender embraces of the sexual desires that were becoming insatiable. We headed to the bedroom, where the scene was set out like the meal, candles burning on the furniture surrounding the large bed.
    My girlfriend forced me onto the bed, soon informing me that she had something special planned. I soon found myself naked and bound to the bed by handcuffs, blindfolded with one of her silk scarfs, folded over to make sure I couldn't peek at what I was about to receive.
    Her lips connected once more with mine, a passionate kiss that sent her tongue thrashing around inside my mouth. Her tongue slowly worked it's way down, across the arch of my neck, before slithering like a snake across my naked chest, caressing, her lips sucking upon my nipples and her tongue flicking upon each. The cold touch of her wetness made them harden.
    Then I felt her hand slowly grasp hold of my cock, jerking and stroking the small beast of an animal into the wild tiger she had come to love and expect. It didn't take long; the slow, sensual caresses of her hand made it thicken and erect quickly, soon matched by the wetness of her tongue as it lathered and licked every inch of my throbbing cock. I felt it pulsate in her hand, and soon felt it slide between her succulent, wet lips as she wrapped them firmly around the engorged head and suckled upon it, before sliding down and around the long, thick shaft. It felt wonderful, and especially intensified every emotion and all my senses I possessed, without being able to see her perform this sexual act upon me.
    After giving me one of the most wonderful blowjobs I'd ever had, the bed slowly rocked and I could feel her body shift. The musky scent of her pussy flared my nostrils as I realized she was positioned over my head; she lowered her pussy upon my face and I lapped at her sweet juices. They tasted sweeter, far stronger than I could remember, as my tongue licked and lapped at her cunt, sliding between her puffy lips and into the wet, dark cave to lick her cunt out. I heard the sweet moans of pleasure from above, knowing I was doing a good job.
    After taking her so close to reaching an orgasm, she pulled away before she found herself crashing over the edge. Shuffling back down, she straddled my waist.
    She lowered herself down, soon finding herself resting upon my own naked body. My throbbing hard cock pushed all the way inside, filling her to the rim, as she began to ride me. Slowly her hips rocked back and forth, while her hands rested upon my naked chest, using it as leverage to pick up the pace as my cock slipped in and ...