1. First Time for a Shy Sister

    Date: 3/17/2023, Categories: Fetish Author: byArsenique, Source: Literotica

    [This is a continuation of the Mrs. Tupa stories. These stories are absolutely not for everyone, so please look elsewhere if you do not enjoy reading about bodily fluids and matter, oral-anal contact, strong smells, prurient priests and nuns, and elderly widows. I humbly request that you do not down-vote this story, just because you may have issues with it. This could have also been placed in the anal, first time, or even romance categories, but fetish seems the most broadly-inclusive for this story's fixations. All characters in this story are over 18. This is purely a fantasy, and bears very little resemblance to reality. Please enjoy.]
    Sister Katka seeks help to put her past behind her
    As I became better acquainted with Father Viktor's shepherding of his Parish flock, one of the things I admired was the way the good Father encouraged the Bohemian community to look after each other's needs, not only within the congregation, but with the clergy as well. I was to find that my training as a catechumen with a calling for serving the needs of the parish, encompassed both church members and clergy. While the Church office was in charge of scheduling my home visits (mostly to elderly Czech widows, who were the overwhelming majority of the congregation), requests from clergy for my attentions tended to be more spontaneous, unpredictable, and private.
    It was not uncommon for me to be preparing myself for bed in my room at the Rectory, when there would be a gentle knock on the door and I would open it to find one of the sisters from the Nunnery quietly and politely asking if she could come in and spend a little time with me. Their needs tended to be modest, perhaps a shared pee and poop, or the exchange of the Kiss of Peace, though many were simply starved for the intimate touch of a man on their bodies and would surrender themselves to me to do with them as I wished. All of them seemed grateful.
    I should note that the Nunnery was not a Convent, and the sisters residing there were serving the parish with works of charity and relief, not sequestered away in monastic isolation. While they were leading lives of simplicity, poverty, and chastity (narrowly defined according to Bohemian traditions), their vows were only for a year at a time, and did not include celibacy nor obligations leading to membership in a strict Order of Nuns.
    Mother Magdalene was the only full-blown Nun as such, and her vow of celibacy shared all the loopholes enjoyed by the lay members of the parish: only sexual intercourse for the purpose of -- or with the risk of -- procreation was recognized as "sex", while all other forms of intimate affection were allowed or, at most, easily repented with a few prayers.
    * * *
    It was only two or three days after my residency began in the Rectory, that I received my first night visitor at my room. Mother Magdalene had taken me aside after the communal dinner that evening and let me know that she had suggested that Sister Katka ...