1. Not Very Long Ago

    Date: 3/17/2023, Categories: Gay Author: londebaaz, Source: xHamster

    Not Very Long Ago
    By: Londebaaz Chohan
    Hello my name is Rizwan Earl and people have always called me Rizzo. Last summer break, I was a bit hard up and luckily got a very nice job at a Local Mall toy store. This was not the toy store for the k**s only, meaning they had just a small section reserved for the k**die toys but most of the toys were for the young adults and adults. The toys for the younger adults and adults mostly were the things, people could take home and install or build in their back yards just for fun or the exercise purposes like the climbing walls, tree houses and much more new and specialty items.
    Being a new concept, most customers would walk in to look and browse only but being on the expensive end, only couple of sales a day was more than enough to break even at least. Honestly it was more like a service type store and not a commodity type; with customers walking in and walking out with bags full of items and with only two people working in a shift, it was kind of tiring, wearing and even thanklessly boring job mostly, with lot of information sharing, answering questions but as I said earlier, it paid well and I needed money for the semester and I was happily doing it. I can recall; it was almost closing time, Saturday and we had about an hour and a half left to close the store. The manager had left already for some emergency and I was alone at the shop. Nothing unusual.
    Then a Guy walked in and without asking his body was speaking. He surely looked like a wood worker, installer for the items we were selling. He looked around and browsed the whole store with a special interest to the section where we had some displays of swings, hammocks and alike items. We had a nice catalog for most of the items for our customers. The guy looked around, he needed help and I decided to assist. He was wearing a shirt with some logo that kind of displayed some non-English lingo. He introduced himself as Andres Castillo. The word Andy was embodied on his left upper arm, just below the shoulder.
    Andy was a very polite person. After asking some questions, he asked to see the catalog about various swings and also some other options for the styles and the models of the hammocks. As a routine, I invited him in the back office with a blinded glass window and he sat himself on a chair at the side of the office desk and I sat at the so called manager’s chair at the desk facing towards the window. It was a one sided glass window; meaning we could see outside from inside but even with the lights on, no one could see us from outside. Andy looked close to 40—45 years old with salt and pepper but full head of thick hair, at least 5’ 10” tall, 175 lbs., thick neck, broad shoulder and overall a very healthy man of a mixed race; halfway black / wheat colored skin with black eyes.
    Andy asked me couple of questions about the material used in the hammocks and also the seats of the swings and then he got busy flipping the pages of the catalog ...