1. A little Restraint

    Date: 3/17/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: byRainforestman, Source: Literotica

    A little restraint please...
    All characters are over 18 years of age. Though not necessary to understand this story, you might want to read "I'm tied up tonight" and "Steph at the concert" first for more detailed character background.
    "Hey Barbie, do you mind if I have some guys over for poker tonight?" my husband Seth asked me.
    "Sure, I've no plans tonight. I've been swamped at work all week though so don't expect me to do any appetizers or cleanup afterwards. I just want to relax this evening."
    Well, maybe not totally relax, I admitted to myself. Some subtle teasing would be fun too as some of Seth's friends were seriously hot eye candy. Seth always was turned on afterwards when I flirted with his friends. It brought out the devil in him and always made for a great night of sex later.
    "You're all the appetizer they need babe. They'd eat you up if they were given the chance. As always, I'd love to clean you up -- I mean clean the place up," Seth said with a conniving grin.
    I knew his choice of words were no slip. I could see him mentally picturing one or more of his buddies going to town on my already slightly moist pussy. We grew up as childhood friends but the first time we had sex in college he actually shared me with his roommate Cole-after they had tied me up! I both loved it and was hugely embarrassed by it at the same time. Men can get away with being "studs" but women get all the negative labels -- slut, cunt, whore, two-timer, cheater. I was privately hooked on being tied up and used but I didn't want to just come out and say how much I enjoyed cumming multiple times on more than one cock! Being tied up freed me of the responsibility to uphold a standard and released me to have multiple orgasms. I had been raised so strictly it was hard to rationalize my inner private fantasies with my outward portrayal as a hard-working professional woman.
    After such an extraordinary beginning, our fantasies of expanded sexual romps blossomed along side our love for each other. I'd never felt closer to anyone else in my life and that gave me the confidence to break the norms of monogamy during these first five years of marriage. Seth felt the same way too. Our occasional play with others actually strengthened our relationship and kept it fresh and exciting. Many a night in bed we told each other dirty stories as we fucked. In fact, most of the time our shared fantasies where hotter and better sex than the rare occasions we did play with others. There weren't the complications of logistics, hurt feelings or hang-ups of reality. Our one shared rule was: extracurricular sex was for fun and not for love. You've heard of no-fault divorces? Amazingly, we've had a no-fault marriage so far.
    "So, you're saying there might be a need for cleanup tonight?" I asked with a sultry whisper and a deep dive into his ear with my tongue, a sure move on my part to fire him up. Our sexual relationship worked best with him the faux dominant male and ...