1. Molly Gets Taken Pt. 05

    Date: 3/17/2023, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bygroomleader, Source: Literotica

    Molly woke up, looked at her clock, and the lighted dial read 3 AM. She felt a bit fuzzy-headed, then remembered, David had taken her last cherry. She remembered the feeling of her asshole getting stretched open, as David slid his cock in. The valium and vodka had really dulled down the initial penetration, but now she could feel the soreness of her asshole recovering from its opening.
    Molly hoped it wouldn't be the only time, she had a feeling that her asshole would adjust, if only she got enough use. She realized also, that she wanted David to do her again, she wanted David to do her a lot more than just once or twice more, she wanted to share him with her sister. Now, how well Judi would take to that, hmmm, of course, she had enough information to blackmail them, but she didn't want to force it like that. Molly burrowed back under the covers, and drifted off, a smile on her lips.
    In Judi's bedroom, Judi was awake, and thinking some thoughts along that line. She had discovered that she had a very strong voyeuristic streak, she couldn't get enough of watching David fuck Molly's sweet teen body.
    Judi was thinking about how she wished she could borrow David's cock, and get to ride her little sister, the sensations must be incredible. Hmmm...well, it might not be like having her very own cock, but a dildo? Yes, a dildo, a strap-on dildo, so David could have his wish come true. We could give Molly a dual penetration ride. David would love it, he'd been hinting to get one of his buddies to join him and give Judi a DP. Judi had refused, she had no interest in having one of his horny buddies get a piece of her. And, if one of his buddies was clumsy, or just too damn horny, and he was the one to take her up her back door, she could envision getting a virtual ass rape, and she'd kill both of them.
    David may be a horn dog, but he really cared about Judi and had quickly stopped any hints once Judi had made it clear that his friends were not welcome in her bed, and especially, not in any of her holes. Oh yes, we'll give Molly her very first DP, then, Judi could get her first DP, also. She was sure that Molly would want to strap on the dildo and ride her sister as she'd just been ridden. Judi pulled the bed covers back up, snuggled against David, and drifted off.
    The phone ringing at 10 AM awakened her, as she had a phone extension in her bedroom, she quickly scooped it up.
    "Hello Judi, how's my girl?" her Mom's voice said.
    "We're fine Mom, everything's okay here, how was your night?" Judi said, imagining the hot, wild hotel sex that had gone on in their room.
    "It was wonderful!" her Mom exclaimed, and Judi grinned, thinking, yeah, I'll bet it sure was!
    Her Mom continued, "That's why I'm calling you, if things are okay, your Dad and I would like to stay another night. The room's available for tonight, and we had such a good time, we'd like to stay over."
    Judi had a mental picture of her parents as Adam and Eve, totally nude, ...