1. Meeting Gloria

    Date: 3/17/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: goyse, Source: LushStories

    Meeting Gloria
    This is a continuation of my story about my life with my ex-wife, Sue.
    Marg has come over to the west and planned to stay. She decided that I would not leave my wife for her so she had moved on and formed a permanent relationship with her good friend, Cherie.
    Sue, my wife had invited our babysitter to join us. It seemed that given she had promised that her cheating with men was to stop she had started to have an affair with our 18-year-old babysitter, Debbie. I had worked out from what was said that Debbie was living with a partner, Gloria. I was looking forward to meeting Gloria.
    It was about a month later that when I returned home from work my wife told me that she had invited Debbie and Gloria to dinner. She warned me to be careful about what I said in front of Gloria as she was not sure if Debbie had told her of our previous get together, as she called it.
    While Sue was running around preparing I changed out of my work suit, dressed and put on some more casual attire. As I returned to the kitchen the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and was greeted by Debbie who took me into her arms and kissed me. My attention was drawn to a red-headed woman with Debbie who I guessed was in her middle twenties.
    To say that she was good looking was an understatement. She was slim with long legs. She sported a strong jaw and a cute little nose. Her blue green eyes were unique. Despite all the obvious pleasant features, it was obvious that she dressed down and wore no makeup. I immediately remembered Debbie saying that her partner had a dislike of men. I decided to test her response.
    After being kissed and hugged by Debbie I stepped across to her and while taking her into my arms I said, “You must be Gloria. I have been looking forward to meeting you. I’m Goyse.”
    Her initial response was to start to pull away but I held her tightly and looked directly into her eyes.” She then relaxed and moved to fit snuggly into my body. As I went to release her she looked up at me with her lips slightly spread as a woman might if she was expecting someone to kiss her. I then invited them to enter. Gloria walked ahead while Debbie placed her arm around my waist as she entered.
    Once they completed their greetings and small talk with Sue, Debbie turned to me with, “Gloria has some exciting news to give you. She looked at her partner saying, “Gloria”
    “Debbie confirmed today that she is pregnant. Congratulations, Daddy. We have a little gift of appreciation for you.” She handed me a small parcel. I opened the box and found that it contained a gold watch and a thank you note which said, “Thank you for being kind enough to give us your sperm for our egg, Signed Gloria and Debbie.”
    “I will treasure this gift from you both. I do hope though that I will be part of your child’s life. Don’t misunderstand me I trust that you will be great parents but I do want to maintain contact with both of you and also with your child.”
    They looked ...