1. B.L.I.S.S - Introductions - Isabelle & Stephanie

    Date: 3/17/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Asian, Authoritarian, BDSM Discipline, Job / Office Sex Straight Sex Author: SketchAuthor, Source: sexstories.com

    Bianca. Lydia. Isabelle. Stephanie. Sophia.
    Foreword: Last part was received well. I am considering rewriting Stephanie I because I'm not happy with how it flows. Leave some advice if you have ideas on how it could be rewritten.
    Sophia's Introduction is next, am part way through Bianca II.
    Isabelle I
    She was hungry. Not that that was anything new of course, she was often found herself with this familiar feeling in her stomach and chest. It spread through her like a familiar chill.
    Living on the streets was difficult and Isabelle had been out here since she was 16. She had been kicked out of the house when she had finally mustered up the strength to call the police on her abusive father.
    It wasn’t even him that had kicked him out she recalled bitterly. Her father, the amount of evidence was undeniable had been sent to prison for 5 years and when he got out he had 300 hours of community service. She hadn’t seen him since the court hearing. No, it was her mother that had kicked her out.
    Isabelle thought about her two younger sisters who had cried as she was thrown out of the house with the few things she owned. She hoped that without their father they would be able to grow into women before he returned.
    But the hunger twangs brought her back to reality. It was mid afternoon and it looked like it might rain the way the clouds hung above her in the sky. She didn’t know what she would do for food, she had no money. Maybe I could see Mark she thought. Mark was an older guy, maybe 30 who had let her stay with him when she got kicked out. He fed her and let her shower, he even gave her some cheap clothes.
    It wasn’t all free or from his own kindness however. She had to sleep in his bed, naked, and he took his fair share of liberties with her. But he never once hit her.
    She almost wished that he did she thought a bit twistedly. It’d make it easier to resent the things he did to her.
    Plus she kind of liked the rougher stuff, she had hated it at the time but now she found it hard to cum without being choked, and she always came the hardest right before she would black out.
    Being restrained was also something she needed, the way she felt when she was utterly helpless, she yearned for it. She knew she shouldn’t but wanted it all the same. She knew she was messed up, she shouldn't want these things. But when she was helpless and in pain, at least she felt something. Everything else was numb. Well, except for the hunger pains as another shot through her like a lightning bolt.
    She knew she needed to find something to eat, but it was mid afternoon, it would be hours before a charity soup van would be out. As she dragged herself to her feet, she despondently decided that Mark was the only option.
    She made her way down the small back alleys, a familiar path for her, the main streets she received stares. No, backstreets were just easier, she dismissed the notion.
    On this day however she was lucky. There was a bakery driver ...