1. Big Hands

    Date: 3/17/2023, Categories: Teen Author: randomgirl2, Source: LushStories

    It was an accident! Really! I was a late bloomer. Walking out of high school at the end of my sophomore year, I was as flat as a board. Okay, I did have a couple of minor mounds on my chest but at age sixteen, I was definitely considered to be as flat as a board. I always kept a low profile at school wearing baggy clothing. Unlike Billie Eilish, I had nothing to hide. All that changed during the summer.
    By the end of June, my minor mounds were definite hillocks. They ached and when I touched or squeezed them, they felt stiff. By the end of July, I definitely had tits, nice firm “B” cup boobs. I think it started then. Without realizing it, I noticed that I had started sleeping on my stomach. I liked the weight of my body squeezing my tits flat. It felt nice. Then August happened. I got big! Not Billie Eilish or Sydney Sweeny big but large “D” cup big. I still liked to sleep on my stomach feeling the pressure squeezing my newly acquired tits as flat as they would go.
    As school approached, I started to think about a bra. I’d never owned one. If you were flat and wore baggy clothes then why go to the discomfort of those tight straps. During those last few weeks when I actually had something that jiggled, I had just covered it with loose-fitting tops. This was embarrassing. I snuck into my younger sister’s room. Although she’s two years younger, she had actually gotten tits when she was twelve. Fuck! I knew enough not to take her current underwear so I found a drawer with a lot of old bras in it and grabbed a handful scurrying back to my room.
    Fuck! Just my luck, I snagged her first bras with small cups. But I got curious. What would it feel like? Luckily my sister and I had the same chest size so I got the bra fastened. However, the cups were too small. After some pulling on the cups and pushing on my tits, I was able to get them into the bra. It was super tight and squashed my tits hard. It should have been painful but it felt, what, good? I pulled on a loose shirt and wore the bra all day.
    The next day I was back in my sister’s room rummaging through her drawer when I found what must have been her first sports bra. I raced back to my room and pulled it over my head. It took a lot of tucking but I finally got my tits completely into it. I looked in the mirror. There was nothing left of my curves except two bulges. It felt wonderful. I left it on for the next two days. I could sleep on my side again and my tits still felt great! Towards the end of the week, I again snuck into my sisters’ room and found an old tube top. I couldn’t wait to try it on.
    Racing back to my room, I found that the top barely fit around my ribs. I don’t know whether I liked the feel of pushing and pulling my tits into the top or the feel of them pushed flat more but both felt wonderful. I pulled on a t-shirt and went to the mall. Walking around with a flat chest and huge tits was a turn on. I had a secret. I was really built and no one knew. The feeling of my ...