1. BodyWork

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Author: graylover, Source: sexstories.com

    " Service King Body Shop." That's the name of my collision shop enterprise, and I bought a local body shop in financial trouble turning it into a national chain. I put a lot of hard work and sweat into it. I have bargained myself into a few suck-and-fuck's when these rich women don't want their husbands to know they've cracked up the Jaguar. I was at one of my shop's when a beautiful young Japanese woman named Jenny came in. Jenny has warm eyes and a deep golden brown skin tone that shimmers in the light. Jenny's lustrous silky hair flows down to her shoulders, and she has a nice bosom that jiggles beneath her sweater.
    Jenny's family are super-rich real estate investors, and as long as I've known her she's sped around town in a flashy sports car. On this saturday morning, Jenny came roaring into the shop. I was just about to leave for the day, when I noticed the sizable dent in Jenny's car. "Mr. Malone!" Jenny hopped out of the convertible without opening her door. Her cute pleated skirt flew up on her thigh as she vaulted the distance. Her breasts rose and fell beneath her sweater provocatively due to her harried condition. "I smashed my car in the mall parking lot! My insurance will be canceled if I had another accident!" Jenny said through wild eyes.
    So that's it, I thought. Little did Jenny know, but her older sister brought the car in last month and tried to cover for Jenny's last accident. Her sister ended up sucking me off in my office to keep me quiet. I remember how subservient she was once my cock was out and wagging in her face. Could I snare 18 year old Jenny in the same web? "Well, I can't fix it now," I said evenly,"come back in the morning."
    "Noooo! Please! I need it fixed tonight!" Jenny pleaded. I studied the situation, Jenny leaned back into the car to get her papers out of the glove box. I briefly noticed her golden brown bare buttocks framed by only a thin black thong as she leaned over the car door. "Alright, I'll stay and fix it, Jenny you must stay." I intoned authoritatively. Jenny became very docile and shy around me as I studied the car.
    " Do you have any way to pay me for this?" I asked with probing eyes as we stood at the hood of the car.
    Jenny slowly shook her head no, and looked down instinctively at the growing bulge in my coveralls. "Such a pretty face." I cooed, as I rubbed her cheek and stroked her soft, hair. "I'm- I'm only 18." Jenny managed with a blush, but her eyes never left the mountain in my lap. "18 is legal for anything and everything." I said in a controlling tone. "Sucking cock, getting fucked in the ass, eating out your best friend.." I trailed off naughtily.
    Jenny was breathing hard and trembling at my touch. I thought she would faint if I didn't break the tension somehow.
    "Let's go to the storage room in the back." I said cheerily. "Why?" Jenny asked innocently. All the better reason to fuck this young woman Four Ways From Sunday. As Jenny climbed onto a low bench, once again ...