1. Transmogrification Ch. 03

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Trans Author: bygrgy56, Source: Literotica

    I didn't care how much of a messy wet floor I left after the lack of satisfaction from the bus fucker and my boss, Bill. I just needed to cum. I didn't bother with pulling my panties back up since they were soaked and would just make me more horny anyways and with the supplier presentation meeting coming up in.... Yikes! Ten minutes, I didn't want to be too distracted.
    I brushed down my skirt and checked myself in the mirror. I was a little stunned that somehow my hair and make-up remained perfect. My hands stank of me. I chuckles to myself as I exited the can without washing them.
    I rushed back to my office to grab my files and shit before heading off to the conference room. Eli Manford from Branding Co. was already there setting up. "Hello, Roxanne! Good to see you again!"
    I took his outreached hand with my right hand and covered the back of his hand with my left as I shook it. I chuckled internally as his face was surprised by the wetness in my palms. "Yes, Eli. Good to see you again. Looking forward to your presentation."
    He introduced me to associates Brad and Bill as Cheryl walked in. All the introductions were repeated.
    Cheryl was the head of her sales department which would have to deal with Branding. When I was Geremy, I thought she was hot. The very attractive, long blond haired Londoner, stood about five-nine not including her four and a half inch stilettos was not shy of her curvaceous body. Her boobs had to be at least as big as my G's but probably bigger. The suit jacket she wore barely covered her red corset bra beneath. Her skirt was even shorter than mine. And I can attest that she owned a set of the perfect cock sucking lips! Her pussy was so hot and never failed to make me cum!
    We sat together at the far side of the small oval conference table. After Eli vocalized his intro, the lights dimmed for the presentation. It started with a video of the company. We were all watching the screen. Well, I thought we were all watching it when I tensed up from a hand that touched my leg. Cheryl stroked my thigh with her fingers. She traced the lines of my garter straps. She leaned over and whispered into my ear. "Nice!"
    The video ended and the PowerPoint presentation was dragging on but I started enjoying Cheryl's playing. We were hidden under the table so I wasn't afraid of being seen but I was concerned when her finger tips found the bottom of my skirt and started to pull it upward. Wide eyed, I gave Cheryl a look. She just sat there watching the screen and gave me sly smile. Her fingers stroked the insides of my thighs above my stockings. She slipped four of her fingers between and pulled intimating she wanted me to part my legs. There was already a lot of moisture there, not just from before but new leakage from being toyed with.
    I wriggled slightly to allow me to open up a bit. It was enough for Cheryl. Her finger went right for my clit. I moaned loud. Much louder than I thought but a lot less than I wanted ...