1. Care Givers

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: TommyTudor, Source: LushStories

    In the mid 1950s my wife’s cousin lost her husband to testicular cancer. She had been shunned by her immediate family for marrying outside her religious and ethnic background. My wife pleaded with me for us to take her and her young daughter in. They were penniless and had nowhere else to go.
    So, bending to my wife’s wishes, we drove to Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania from Columbus, Ohio, and collected Sylvia and little Danielle.
    After initially expressing her gratitude, Sylvia never spoke another word on the trip back to Columbus. Little Danielle also did not speak.
    During the next few weeks, Sylvia took over most of the domestic work at home freeing my wife to return to her old job as department manager at Lazarus department store.
    This arrangement was working out well, as Sylvia was an excellent housekeeper and cook.
    My wife Diedre was less tired and seemed to have a renewed interest in fucking. I’m glad she talked me into taking Sylvia and little Danni in.
    Diedre was very loud and vocal when she was getting fucked. This had never been an issue, and in fact was a big turn on for me, but with Sylvia just down the hall, I was worried about her hearing the obvious effects of me fucking Diedre. Little did I know that Sylvia would silently weep and masturbate.
    After her second miscarriage, Diedre decided to be fixed so there would be no more pregnancies. After that, Diedre began doting on little Danni as if she was our own. I was worried that Sylvia might be jealous, but instead she was very appreciative. So, my worries were unfounded.
    During the Asian flu epidemic, I got very ill and was bedridden for three weeks. Sylvia became my nurse. Aside from the normal symptoms, I ached all over. Sylvia came up with the idea of full body massages to help ease the discomfort. The massages did provide great relief, but a side affect was I would get erections so hard they hurt. At first, I tried to hide the erections but Sylvia was very aware of them.
    Without a word, she took matters in hand and began massaging my cock. I began to moan, and the louder I moaned, the harder she fisted my hard cock. I erupted in orgasm and shot a long rope of cum directly on her face. As the cum ran down her face across her lips, she snaked out her tongue and licked off the cum.
    The next day after my body massage, she masturbated me to an awesome orgasm and I again shot a load of cum on her face. Once again, she licked off as much as she could.
    Then it hit me, I wanted her to suck me off.
    “When you give me a body massage tomorrow, I would prefer you sucked me off,” I said to Sylvia.
    “Why wait for tomorrow. I will give you a chance to recover and will be back later to suck you off,” she said.
    The next three hours were the longest three hours of my life. The anticipation was killing me. Diedre was not very good at sucking cock and really did not like doing it. She could never get over gagging on cum.
    I tried to sleep but sleep would not ...