1. A Tale of the Unnatural Part 1

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    Do you remember all those silly stories you were told as a child to get you to eat your veg, or to go to sleep, ir to brush your teeth? Ones like, the tooth fairy, easter bunny, and Santa Clause? Yes? But I suppose that is only a part of my question, what about the bedtime stories and horror movies and books based on the 'demonic' creatures of he night? Werewolves... Vampires? The ancient stories that are somehow common in almost every cultures history today.
    And even in the worlds foremost religion, Christianity, for so long supported the idea of werewolves and demons and vampires yet only as Christianity grew vastly popular and spread to the 'New World', then, then vampires and werewolves an anything of the like were stricken from all records everywhere, until more sightings kept cropping up over the world, Bray Road, Jefferson Wisconsin, Greggton Texas and Gevaudan France to name a few incidents throughout history.
    I believe that the governments of the world are hiding something.
    My name is Charles William Davidson, and I intend to discover the truth, this is a detailed account of my journey through the looking glass and into a world, unknown to our own.
    Profile Subject 1a
    Species : Human
    Age : 27
    DOB : 18th May 1985
    POB: Dublin, Eire
    Nationality(ies): UK, USA, Ireland
    Language(s): English, Irish, French, Spanish, Latin
    Name: Davidson, Charles William
    Eye Colour: Emerald
    Height : 6ft 7in
    Ethnicity : Caucasian
    Career: Retired US Army Ranger, Retired Police Officer, Mercenary
    Hair : Faux Hawk, Dusty Blonde
    Build : Strong, Muscular, Athletic
    Average Running Speed (1600Meters): 17.5MPH
    Combat Skills, Hand to hand, blades, rifles, smgs and pistols
    Weight: 150lbs
    Date 25th July 2011
    The sun was almost finished setting as Will finished unloading his old Army Kit bag with all his belongings he needed from his home in Houston, Texas he threw it through the door of his house in anger as he clicked he lock button on his car keys.
    He stomped through the door and slammed it shut,
    "Three fucking months and nothing new, nothing fucking new!" He shouted to himself
    He walked through a door at the very end of the hall past the stairs and into his kitchen. Cursing away to himself as he pulled a black mug from a cupboard above his kettle, he threw two spoonfuls of sugar into his cup and a tea bag he boiled the kettle and turned around heading back out into he hall to grab his bag. He stormed up the stairs two steps at a time and walked to the end room of the hall.
    He pushed the door open and threw his bag on the bed as he tirned to the right and walked through a door to his on-suite.
    He walked up to a small mirror above his sink and turns his head side to side as he examined his small beard that had grown over the three months. He picked up an electric razor and in a few minutes he had a clean shaven face.
    He walked back downstairs and out te front door, his anger slowly but ...