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    Albus spent most of the days preceding Christmas at Rose's house. James was determined to use all of his spare time for Quidditch practice, and he had to go to Rose's house for that. Albus usually went with him and he and Hugo would help James practice while Rose read.
    Harry had to practically separate James from his broom by magic on Christmas Eve so they could go to Godric's Hollow. James wanted to stay at Rose's house and keep practicing, but Harry refused to let him. The trip was quiet since James was rather sullen the entire time.
    “Professor Patil says I'm a natural at Transfiguration,” Lily bragged to Albus as they walked towards the Burrow afterwards.
    “That's good,” Albus replied.
    “Yeah, so I'm going to become an Animagus eventually. I want to be a cat.”
    “You don't get to choose what kind of animal you transform into,” Albus told her.
    “Oh,” Lily said, “But I think I'll become a cat.”
    Albus nodded as Lily began to describe in great detail what kind of cat she would transform into.
    Everyone else was already at the Burrow and Albus felt an immediate warmth come over him as he stepped inside. It had nothing to do with the fact that it was so cold and snowy outside, either. There was something so comforting about being at the Burrow surrounded by all his family. He was able to forget all the issues with the Quidditch tournament and Professor Killigan. All he could think about was how ravenous he was and how good some of his grandmother's cooking would be right about then.
    Rose sat down next to Albus as he tucked into a large bowl of onion soup with a side of homemade bread.
    “Uncle Charlie and Aunt Katherine are going back to Romania this summer,” Rose announced.
    “To tame more dragons?” Albus asked. His uncle and aunt hadn't done that since Stanley started Hogwarts, but they often talked about how they wanted to go back.
    “Yeah,” Rose nodded, “They might stay even after the summer's over, but Heather and Mark will come back to go to Hogwarts.”
    “They get to go, too?”
    “Yup. Stanley and Eddie are going, too. Stanley's quitting his job for it. He's definitely staying in Romania after the summer's over. He wants to get into dragon training.”
    “Wow,” Albus replied, “They're lucky. I guess it's good that Stanley decided what he wants to do.”
    Stanley had been working at the Magical Menagerie since he finished Hogwarts, but knew he didn't want to do that his whole life. He just didn't know what he did want to do.
    “I wish our parents would take us to some other country,” Albus sighed.
    “Me, too,” Rose agreed, “Imagine the history we could learn.”
    Albus personally had enough of History from Professor Binns, but he supposed learning history by traveling would be fun.
    “Christmas Quidditch tomorrow?” Teddy asked as he sat down next to Rose.
    “Definitely,” Albus grinned.
    “I wouldn't count on it, Teddy,” Molly said ...