1. 18th Birthday takes the wrong turn Part 2

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Blackmail, Oral Sex / Blowjob Extreme, Rape / Violence / Cruelty Teen Author: Here4fun0226, Source: sexstories.com

    Summary of the first part:
    I had just turned 18 and was alone at home on my birthday, with my parents away on a birthday trip. My neighbor, Mr. Smith came to our home on the pretext of staying for the night because he had lost his keys. However, his true intentions soon came into light as he took advantage of me and brutally raped me, using each of my entrances and violating my body without any mercy. He kept me quiet by threatening to leak the video.
    Part 2 begins
    It had been a couple of weeks since my neighbor Mr. Smith had raped me while my parents were away. I didn't tell anyone, afraid that he'd leak the video. After all, I had enjoyed it a bit near the end and he had it all recorded. I was still pretty traumatized from the incident, but was trying to forget about it. Guilt and shame washed over my body everytime I remembered myself pinned under him, with his raping cock inside me. As I sat down for lunch with my parents, my dad spoke up "Hey Alice! I and your mom would be away on a trip again. This one will be a bit longer, about a week". I looked at him, my heart trembling with fear as I remember what happened the last time they were away.
    -"Daddy! How can I live for a week all alone?!" I asked.
    -"I am sorry honey, but we really need to go"
    -"But dad-"
    "Don't worry! Mr. Smith said he'll look after you while we're away."
    I was dumbstruck. I would have to spend a week with my rapist? He was probably going to use my body over and over again, every single day. But I couldn't tell dad about that.
    -"It's fine, dad. No need to trouble Mr. Smith. I'll be okay"
    -"No, honey. I'm not going to leave you all alone at home for so long. You'll be staying with Me. Smith till we're back"
    I rushed to my room as soon as lunch was done, shut the door and started to weep. I knew Mr. Smith would rape me again, as soon as he got the chance. Part of me craved for his cock, wishing he would violate me again. But I wasn't going to take it. I wasn't going to give my body away to a vile pervert like him.
    The next morning, my parents dropped me at Me. Smith's house. My blood churned with anger as I heard him telling them "Don't worry, I'll take good care of your daughter". Good care my ass. He was probably fantasizing about fucking me already. I went to the room that had been given to me, buried my face into the pillow and started to cry. Soon enough, I heard the sound of my dad's car leaving. I lay still, sobbing into the pillow.
    Suddenly, I felt a presence over my body. I knew it was Mr. Smith. I didn't move. I felt his hands plant themselves on the either side of my head and his knees in the either sides of my hips. He was directly above me, ready to have his way with my body once again. He lowered himself, rubbing his body against mine. I could feel his boner rubbing against my buttocks. He whispered into my ear "My slut is wet already, isn't she? Oh my cute slut Alice...I am gonna have so much fun with you".
    I could bear ...