1. Phoebe's Treats part two

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Lesbian Author: leggielibby, Source: LushStories

    I had arrived to work my second evening at Phoebe’s Treats, an upmarket boutique specialising in sex toys and fine lingerie.
    Jenny the senior assistant was on the phone with Phoebe the store’s owner and Annie, the other assistant was organising a display of silk panties.
    Without fuss, I slipped off my coat and swapped my sneakers for the heeled pumps supplied as part of the uniform Phoebe wanted us to wear while on the job.
    Checking myself out in the mirror I could see my sleek dark hair just kissing my shoulders whilst my make-up, after a little assistance from my roomie Laura, looked really professional.
    The semi-sheer blouse emphasised my breasts with just a hint of nipple and the short skirt showed off my long firm legs. Until now I’d never worn over the knee stockings, but they looked incredibly sexy.
    “You look lovely. Very fresh-faced and sexy, just what Phoebe likes in her girls,” Annie who had moved to join me and looked equally good in her uniform said.
    “Jenny is running through stock and promotion options with Phoebe and it can take a while so you and I will sort lingerie tonight.”
    We spent the next hour unpacking and sorting the new lingerie lines before adding them to the racks.
    “Tania, I guess this is a good time to cover measuring and fitting with you,” Annie said smiling and looking a little pink-cheeked.
    “Let’s step into the changing area and you can pop your blouse off.”
    In moments I was standing in front of the full-length mirror in my sheer black bra. My nipples had hardened to firm nubs, but it no longer bothered me.
    Annie produced a tape measure from under the counter and her soft warm hands moved to encase my breasts as she explained how and where to place the tape and then how to calculate my size.
    The touch of her fingertips on my nipples sent a visible shudder through my body and a distinct moistening in my panties.
    “So, normally we measure clients over their own bras, but some prefer to be braless and for some of our outfits we need a closer look.” Without warning, Annie unclipped my bra and let it slide down my arms.
    I couldn’t help but sigh aloud as Annie cupped my breasts, seemingly weighing them in her hands.
    “See, a well-fitted bra leaves minimal marking.” Her warm breath tickled my ear as I got a hint of her familiar fruity perfume.
    This time as she measured me, I could feel my pussy coming alive as my excitement built.
    “Okay, let’s see if you can do it,” and with that Annie slipped her own blouse off and offered herself to me.
    Breathing deeply, I slipped the tape around her body. I could feel her heat and the beating of her heart.
    Her breasts were a cup size fuller than mine and her skin was a shade paler but she too had large nubby nipples that tented the almost transparent fabric of her bra.
    A swift calculation and I offered my estimate of her size.
    “Well done Tan, now without the bra.”
    I repeated the process letting my hands linger on her warm ...