1. Our Distinctive Family Pt. 07

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bytsjauthor, Source: Literotica

    Have you ever had one of those moments when you wake up, dazed? This was at this moment. I got up, confused and hungry. Looking around, I realized I slept on the couch last night, which never happened before. How did I end up here? Oh yea, me and Dawson was cuddling yesterday and then...he left. Why didn't anyone wake me or take me to bed. Where was everybody? I decided to go searching to get answers. I checked me and Carson's room first. Empty. I checked Manny's room. Also empty. I checked Dawson's and was surprised that the door was unlocked. I peeped in and my eyes bucked. There lay my two big brothers cuddled together naked. It looked like...I walked closer to get a better peek at them and yes, I was right. Dawson was inside Manny. Is this there thing or did they fall asleep sexing each other. Thinking back, I remember hearing someone moaning the night I slept in bed with them, but I thought it was apart of my dream. I was dreaming about me getting rammed by my high school gym teacher.
    Looking back at my brothers, I couldn't believe I missed this. Before I woke them, I left the room in search of my twin. I already guessed where he was and when I went downstairs to dad's room, I saw that I was right. Carson was there, dead to the world on top of dad. They looked so peaceful sleeping. A part of me was happy he finally lost his virginity but another part of me was a little sad. Everyone was paired up last night and I was left....on the couch. The self-deprecating part of me wanted to claw its way in my mind but I brushed it off. Carson had been excited about getting with dad all week and Dawson and Manny, well I figured Manny had something for Dawson but never thought it would be reciprocated.
    I shook off any bad thoughts and decided I was going to be a good little brother and make breakfast for everyone. I wasn't one to cook so I decided on the easiest dishes I could think of. Eggs, toast and waffles made from the maker with fruit on the side. One by one, a new body showed, rubbing their eyes and scratching their butt. Manny walked in and gave me a kiss on my neck and hugged me from behind. "Thanks K for cooking. Everything looks good, but where's my kiss?" I turned and gave him a wet kiss on the lips. "There it is." He tapped me on my butt and grabbed his plate. Dawson followed suit, kissing me and taking his plate to the table. Soon after, a smiling Carson pranced towards me. He looked different...lighter brighter maybe?
    "Hey babe," I greeted him with a kiss on the lips as usual.
    "So did you two..." I made the sex gesture with my hands.
    "Yes! Oh my...It was amazing."
    "Did it hurt," I whispered to him.
    "Honestly, yes. For a while it did because dad is so big it took a while to get use to him but once I did, it was mind blowing." Carson grabbed his plate and I fixed mine and followed him to the table. I didn't miss Carson wince when he sat down.
    "Are you okay. Do you need to put something on it?"
    "I ...