1. Our Distinctive Family Pt. 07

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bytsjauthor, Source: Literotica

    ... think I'm fine."
    "Where's dad?"
    "Taking a quick shower, he should be here in a..." Just as he was about to finish his sentence, in walked dad with a t-shirt and jeans on. It has been so long since I saw him dress down.
    "Morning boys," Dad greeted. We all responded.
    "Dad sit. I'll get your food." I got up and quickly fixed dad a hefty portion and took it to him with a cup of coffee.
    "Thanks K. This looks good son. Didn't know you could cook."
    "Well I only learned this from watching Manny a few times. This is the easiest and only things I can make."
    Dad grinned, "Well I appreciate it. I'm sure it's good."
    Dawson looked up from his plate, "It is. Thanks K."
    I beamed at the praise they gave me. I was really nervous about cooking, but I followed every step I saw Manny take.
    We all ate, discussing the day's plans until dad spoke up. "So what you guys doing this upcoming weekend?" We all responded, not really having anything important planned. "Well I want to take my boys on a short vacation. I have the weekend off and wanted to treat you guys to a camping trip," Dad said with a smile.
    Me and Carson looked at each other. We're not brats...okay we're not spoiled brats. Well we're not rotten, but we were expecting something different. "Camping? We've never went camping before," I said with a skeptical look on my face.
    "I know, which is why I want us to go on one. I've never went myself and thought it would be a perfect getaway. No tv or any distractions. Just me and my boys."
    Manny looked around at everyone. "I'm game."
    "Yea me too. I think it'll be fun." Dawson chimed in.
    "What's fun about camping? We'll have to fight off bugs and...animals," I cringed at the thought. I HATE bugs.
    "We'll be fine K. Bug spray and off will take care of that.
    "And the animals?"
    "We. Will. Be. Fine." Dad reiterated.
    I folded my arms with a big pout.
    After we cleared the table, I tried to help Carson since he volunteered to wash the dishes. "I got it Kole."
    "Let me help."
    "No," he smacked my hand away when I tried to reach for a plate.
    "Well I'm staying in here anyway."
    "That's fine with me, so...when are you and Manny doing it?"
    I sighed, "I don't know. I'm waiting on Manny."
    "I thought you were going to seduce."
    "Oh yea!" I completely forgot. "Let me go put on my fuck me clothes." I ran upstairs and to my room in search of the perfect outfit. I dug through my closet for a full twenty minutes before I realized something.
    Manny didn't give jack squat what I have on, as long as he has easy access to whatever he wants. So I decided on the simplest thing I wear around the house. A crop top and a cute thong. I lotion my skin so that I was nice and soft, focusing on my ass then looked in the mirror. Perfect. I don't know why I stressed over this for the last twenty minutes. I giggled to myself then headed downstairs.
    Manny and Dawson sat on the couch watching tv. Dawson laid straight back and ...