1. Our Distinctive Family Pt. 07

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bytsjauthor, Source: Literotica

    ... Manny laid sideways onto Dawson's shoulder. I sauntered in, "What are you guys watching?"
    Manny peered at me and I immediately saw hunger in his eyes. "We're watching all the Star Wars from beginning until now...it's going to take forever," Dawson said. Manny hadn't said anything yet, only stared at me.
    "Have you guys seen my phone? I thought I left it on the table." I didn't lose my phone. I only needed a reason to tease Manny. When Dawson said he didn't see it, I walked over to the coffee table and slowly bent over directly in front of Manny's face. "Hmmm, I thought it was here somewhere."
    I got down onto my knees to act as if I was looking under the table. I spread my legs so Manny could get a good look.
    "Geez Kole. How are we supposed to watch the movie with all of that in front of us," Dawson said with his own hungry expression.
    "Sorry guys." I got up to leave but Manny grabbed my wrist and pulled me down. He repositioned himself, laying in Dawson's lap so I could lay on top of him. He rubbed my back. "You look fucking edible. Are you trying to tease me?"
    "No. I was looking for my phone," I said.
    "Your phone is on the kitchen counter," Manny whispered into my ear. I didn't know what else to say and he also didn't say anything else. Only started rubbing my body, his hand moving down to my ass.
    Kole thought he was slick when he pranced down here with that thong on. He knows I like seeing his body and decided flaunting it in front of me was a good idea. NOT! I wanted to wait to take him for the first time. I actually considered making it romantic for my little bro because he deserved it, but knowing him, he just wanted some dick and he may get what he wanted tonight.
    I rubbed his back softly as we all watched the movie. His plump ass called to me and I reached down to squeeze it before going back to my soft caress of his body. I continued this for a good minute until I wanted more.
    I looked up to Dawson and he down to me, I mouthed 'lube' and he reached into the side table and retrieve a small bottom of lube we kept there. I'd decided to place them everywhere in the house so me and Dawson could have each other whenever we wanted. One of the best decisions of my life. He opened it for me before squirting some on two of my fingers. I brought said fingers towards Kole's hole and trailed a circle around it. He flinched a little before relaxing on top of me again. I continued to rub his back with my right hand while my left had some fun.
    I then gently nudged my finger at his hole, not yet entering him. When I felt he was ready, I slowly inserted my middle finger. He took it without even a groan so I took that as a go ahead and when as deep as I could. Kole let out a low moan as I pump one digit inside him before adding another. Soon, he was squirming on top of me, trying to fuck himself onto my fingers. I increased the pace, throwing caution to the wind when I added another finger. He couldn't hold back his ...