1. How I got into Selena Gomez and started lusting af

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Celebrities, Masturbation / Toys Fetish Author: selenatrashcan, Source: xHamster

    I always liked Selena Gomez, she was in a little part of my c***dhood and early teenage years, I used to listen to her music at home and at school with my friends, we were all straight dudes listening to Selena Gomez haha she has had amazing music since her teenage years. At that time I was not a fan of her, I just liked some of her songs, but I didn't have her in my thoughts a single second of my life, only when I was listening to her. She was always pretty for me though, I remember telling my mom that she was pretty when I was a k**.
    When I was a teenager I started masturbating to porn as every other teenage. Some years after only masturbating to porn, in 2016 I heard of a song called Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez, and since I liked her other and older songs, I decided to give it a try, notice that I was not a fan so I didn't know about this song for months. Then I watched the official music video for that song and when I was done, I had a boner, I had not touch my dick but all the way through the song I wanted to touch it and masturbate, I couldn't however because there was people at home, then I waited for the night to come when I would be alone. When the night came, I came as well (pun intended ha), I came to this song. Selena was looking so damn beautiful and extremely hot, I loved everything about her, my dick was already so hard when the music video started, my dick was pulsating and asking me to do it for the queen and I masturbated until I came watching the gorgeous queen. This was my first time masturbating to Selena. I had no idea this would grow on me, I had no clue that I would be masturbating to Sel like crazy and that would be like a hobby for me.
    After some days of using porn to masturbate, I heard of another song by Selena, this time called Good For You, I decided to watch the video and when I was done, guess what happened?! I rewatched it and masturbated to it, I couldn't help, Sel was once again looking hot as hell, she is beautiful. I started to look more into her, and next thing you know I was jerking off my cock to this woman more than to porn. At one point I stopped jerking off to porn, and my masturbations were only for Selena Gomez, I started to masturbate to Selena Gomez pictures, then to her other music videos and I was feeling so fucking in love with this girl. My sex and dirty thoughts were always with her naked humping my dick screaming my name as I moan her name.
    Then I discovered the cum tribute community and got into it, at first I started to cum on pics of Selena, her selfies, came right into her pretty face, oh gosh she is so perfect, it was so satisfying. Then I started to jerk off to her music videos and record myself because I was tired of only cumming on pics of her. It was everything great with Selena.
    There was never another girl in the world, another celebrity in the world, nothing in the world, that aroused me so easily like Selena. Sure Ariana Grande arouses me, but Ariana has to do ...