1. Dear John--part 3 of 15

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Cheating Author: mattmoreau, Source: LushStories

    The next nights all I could think about was him screwing her. In my mind’s eye I could see the kids, Sarah and Mia, running into the house and calling for him: “daddy, daddy!” I was sick at heart and ruined of body. Jeff said I needed to move on and live my life, but I could see no upside to that. I just wanted to die. Dying would be good: an end to all of the pain and emotional suffering.
    The odd thing: I felt lost and alone and empty, but I didn’t actually hate the two of them. Don’t know why; I should hate them shouldn’t I? They’d taken the last shred of hope that I might have been able to lay claim to and trampled it in the dirt. Money they’d offered me: talk about insults. Oh, and they’d allow me open visitation, but it was them allowing me; I’d have no rights that they didn’t approve of; their, his money would see to that. And there it was, the reason she’d dumped me. If I’d been rich she’d still be with me, I was certain of that. But then again, with the face I now had maybe not.
    I remembered those first dates in high school. She’d made it plain then that she expected her man to be a barn burner when it came to making the geld. I had to admit that I’d failed her in that respect. So maybe this was my own fault at least in part. I was a loser when it came to the things that she most cared about. In a sense the thought made me feel a tad better. In the final analysis, she’d turned out to be nothing but a cheap ass gold digger. I’d be telling her that in the unlikely event that I would ever see her again.
    But the babies, I would miss them. Oh my, I would indeed miss them. But I could not be around the cheaters not on any level. And a cripple and ugly: the kids would distance themselves from me in the end without the two of them even having to try to keep me at arm’s length. No, the children were lost to me too.
    The man had money. I could envision the possibility that she would be trying to hunt me down when she found out that I hadn’t signed the divorce papers. I’d made up my mind about that; no contact that was the ticket. I would just disappear from the radar. I’d have my disability and my freedom for whatever the hell those would be worth.
    My dad was the only one I could envision making any time for. I’d eventually need to let him know that I was okay, well, alive but that I would be moving on and far away. I didn’t know where at this point in time. But far enough that they couldn’t just come by and harass me. She could get her divorce anyway; I was certain of that. Abandonment would have to be the basis. And abandonment was what it would be for sure. I was gonna be abandoning the hell out of them!
    I did need a bit of help though. I had to get out of Germany before the evildoers pulled strings to find me if indeed they’d bother, which I was pretty sure that they could and likely would do. I did not want them to find me and discover the physically ruined semi-human I was.
    The day the general and ...