1. Dear John--part 3 of 15

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Cheating Author: mattmoreau, Source: LushStories

    ... the colonel had come into the hospital to award me my medals, General Shelby had said that if I ever needed anything to let him know. Well, I was about to call in that marker. I knew he could do it. I wanted to be discharged early and on the quiet, and to have my disability checks begin immediately. Those along with a ticket stateside on any military transport available would be all I would need to start my new so-called life.
    I would need to find a place that had a VA clinic nearby, oh, and a few good bars, maybe a VFW pub or something.
    “So you’re leaving right away?” said Jeff, “and headed for Tucson, not Phoenix.”
    “Yes, General Shelby came through for me,” I said. “I gotta get outta here. And Jeff . . .”
    “Yes?” he said.
    “It ain’t likely, but if the cheaters ever contact you to find me, you don’t know anything. Okay?” I said.
    “You got it, man,” he said.
    “Thanks, old bud. I don’t know what I’d be doing if it weren’t for you and the guys,” I said.
    “You’d do the same for any of us. Hell, you already have. We all stand together, flat fucking period,” he said.
    “Damn straight,” I said.
    “Abbs, so far the only ones around here who are in the know about what we are doing are you, me, your parents, and couple of our friends. When are you going to inform his dad? I mean the man is the girls’ grandfather,” said Owen. “And now that you’ve sent the letter . . .”
    “I guess right away. I mean Sam will probably clue him now he’s for sure gotten the letter. His dad’s been ill for some time so he hasn’t been around too much. I did take the girls to see him last month, but apart from that time . . .
    “But Owen, it’s been more than a month,” she said. “The Army’s slow but not that slow.”
    “I’m sure he’s gotten the letter, Abbs; he just isn’t going to answer it,” said Owen. She sighed and nodded.
    “So what am I going to do if he doesn’t sign the papers,” she said. He smiled.
    “If he doesn’t sign them the divorce will still go through by default. He does have to be notified, but if we can’t find him then the grounds switch to abandonment. I have Cedric on it. Trust me, four more months and it’ll be final and that’ll be the end of it,” said Owen.
    “Divorce by letter: it’s so cold a thing to do to that good man,” she said. He nodded.
    “We’ll do right by him,” he said. “Basically, he’ll get half a million and open visitation with the children. And, like we’ve said and planned if he wants I can get him a job that he can do and be proud of. He does have to give a little, but given that he does; he can be set for life and start over.”
    “I know. But, Sam is such a proud man. I can envision him just not giving a damn about any of it. I know I stung him; my words in that letter for sure stung him. I so want to talk to the man and make things personal and right, and well, right,” she said.
    “I know you do. If when he returns and doesn’t actually run off, we’ll do our best to sit him down and explain things to ...