1. My Wife Reena's Affair

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: byBeingunknown, Source: Literotica

    ... from hitting them. Her voluptuous body stretched as a result and her back arched, making her supple breasts and the crowing, hard, brown nipples shoot upward.
    Her Lover lowered his head and latched his mouth to her nipple, biting and sucking her nipple hard, making her squeal louder. She locked her feet on his lower back, just above his butt, pulling him closer and deeper inside her. This wasn't love making; but everything apart from it.
    And then he started ramming into her; almost at a delirious pace with my erstwhile docile wife continuing to match his violent thrusts, making her orgasm far more intense and better.
    "Fuck me harder Motherfucker..." my wife demanded hornily and her lover responded by throwing her legs on his shoulders, pointing them straight in the air and spreading them in a perfect V before he grabbed the ankles and carried on fucking her.
    It was only when his rampaging cock slipped out from my wife's enveloping cunt did I notice it.
    That Bastard was huge... hung like a horse......... and....... he was NOT WEARING a Condom.
    I couldn't believe it... not only was he fucking my wife.. on our marital bed.. he was unprotected.
    He entered her in one thrust..... and resumed. My gaze shifted to my wife's face. There was a look of pure ecstasy on her face... something I had never seen, even after so many years of being married to her. The brutal fucking that she had received has ravaged her body. Her sindoor has smeared all over her forehead, her hair has come loose from the bun and was now sweeping the bed and her whole body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat, giving her a very slutty look.
    "How does it feel to fuck a chaste wife in her husband's bedroom on his marital bed?" she hissed, slapping his butt hard.
    Her lover responded with several deep thrusts. They both bucked their crotches together, rubbing them, getting out every pleasure with their forbidden act. My wife's pussy made sure it sucked in every drop of his cum.
    I quietly backed off and as I looked down, I was surprised that I had ejaculated watching this debauchery... without even touching or stroking myself.
    The end.
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