1. The Birthday Sleepover_(0)

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Ass to Mouth, Oral Sex / Blowjob Teen Consensual Sex First Time Gay Group Sex Incest / Taboo Author: g4yt33n15, Source: sexstories.com

    ... to John, who was still on the floor, completely naked, with cum dripping from his mouth and ass. He pulled his dick out of his bottoms, and forced the impressive six-inch erection into his older brother’s ass. The other boys laugh as they realize Ben’s dick is bigger than John’s, who is more than two years older than Ben. John squealed in pleasure, his semi hard dick returning to full erection. Bens cock continued squelching in and out of Johns ass, and everyone could tell he was getting close to orgasm. Then without any warning, Ben pulled out, and came all over Johns back and ass. He then walked over to Mark, who was sitting stroking his hard dick, and sat down on it. Ben started bouncing up and down on Marks dick, as Mark starts moaning. Evan then crawls over, and forces himself under Mark, sliding his dick into his ass. Evan then is able to suck Bens dick, deep throating his entire length. Ben soon cums, and his tightening ass brings Mark over the edge, filling up Bens ass with cum. Evan soon cums, as Mark starts moaning in pleasure. Ben then goes over to Jamie and forces him to lick out his hole, still filled with cum. He goes down to suck Jamie’s dick, and has him cumming very quickly. Evan goes over and picks up Bens underwear, still in his bottoms. Ben wears the same type of underwear as John, but black, and Evan can see the cum stains all over them, making his dick twitch, and return to erection. He decides that everyone should contribute their own spunk to Ben’s boxers, and starts to suck Mark, forcing him to cum quickly, all over the boxers. Mark then returns the favour for Evan, and soon there are two fresh spunk stains on Bens boxers. John is next to add to the collection, fingering his ass, and finding his prostate, and spurting out a spray of cum, all over the boxers. Evan then takes them over and rubs the boxers in Bens face, who is still sucking off Jamie, trying for a second orgasm, making sure the cum covers him. Ben then cums all over Jamie, and Evan wipes it up with Ben’s boxers. Ben leaves as the boys all collapse into their beds, covered in cum and exhausted