1. Mothers & Daughters 01: Family 02

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: byikeman48, Source: Literotica

    ... the Executive Conference Room. As the Personal Assistant to the President of Maris Industries, she normally knew about all the meetings involving Mr. Maris and the other three executives of the company. She, the executives, and their conference room were located separately from others in the administrative building on the third floor. The rest of the third floor also housed Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources. The rest of the building housed various functions like Sales, Marketing, Administrative Support, Engineering, Drafting, Quality Control, etc. But it wasn't only that she didn't know what the meeting was about, it was that the four top executives rarely met privately without taking the opportunity for some playful time with her.
    Her desk was in the middle of the four offices, two on each side. Behind her was the large Executive Conference Room only available to these four and meetings they scheduled with others, mostly customers, clients, major suppliers, and investors. In front of her were a reception area of sorts and two doors, one to a restroom and the other to a small kitchenette.
    She heard the conference room door open and quiet conversation as each of the men made their way to their offices. Then, she heard Mr. Maris, "Connie, can I see you, please?"
    "Of course, sir." She finished what she was typing and marked her location on the draft letter she was finalizing, stood, straightened her short dress, and turned to Mr. Maris' office behind her. As she entered his office, she paused at the door with her hand on it and hesitated for an indication to close it or not. He nodded and Connie smiled. Being his Personal Assistant covered a wide range of responsibilities but none as interesting as being his slut to use and share with the other executives. With an excited smile of anticipation, "Sir, what can I do for you?"
    Mr. Maris smiled. Those simple, innocent words have opened so many very interesting and erotic encounters with his PA. "As you know, we just concluded an executive meeting and we have come to an agreement that the next step is to talk to you."
    "Me sir? Have I done something that has displeased you or the others?"
    He chuckled, "Far from it, Connie. In fact, before we get into this further, please undress."
    Connie stood immediately, reached behind her for the zipper to her dress, then slid the garment to her feet to step out of before placing it on the other guest chair in front of Mr. Maris' desk. She then comfortably reached behind her back to unhook her bra before pushing her lace thong down her legs. She turned in a full spin for her boss and retook her seat with a smile.
    "No, dear, you've done nothing to displease any of us. Your willingness to oblige us in becoming naked, allowing touches, sucking cock, and fucking is exactly what our discussion was about." He looked at her and clearly not limited to her face. "How long have you been my PA, Connie?" She indicated a little less than a year. "Yes, ...