1. Mothers & Daughters 01: Family 02

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: byikeman48, Source: Literotica

    ... and in that time have you ever considered or wished to end our arrangement?" She said definitely not. He smiled. "Us, either. What we have decided is how this arrangement might be expanded." She watched him carefully, now. The arrangement was she was available to the men privately in their offices or their conference room as well as outside the office at her apartment, a hotel, or another safe place. She wondered what 'expanded' meant. She waited because she knew Mr. Maris didn't leave anything to misinterpretation.
    "Remember that night you assisted me with that customer?" How could she forget? It was the single time she had been approached for something outside the office and the small executive group. "You were magnificent... of course, you always are... but the customer was so... taken by you and your approach to him. That night made us a lot of money."
    "We didn't even fuck, sir. All he wanted was a blowjob."
    He smiled, "Perhaps, but he was still very much appreciative. You finished off that deal, Connie." He leaned back and gazed at her naked body sitting in front of him. "What we would like to do is more of that, if we can. We know it is an expansion to what we originally agreed on so this could be a promotion, a significant raise, and a specially structured incentive plan for you."
    She could feel her body responding to his proposal. She knew her nipples were becoming rock hard and her pussy was past the mere wet stage. "I assume you are talking about expansion as being inclusive of customers and others you would want to influence?"
    "Exactly, dear. We recognize this can become a big change and possibly a lot for one woman as it takes off... so to speak. So, we propose hiring another PA to assist you. You would be given the title of Executive Personal Assistant. The new woman would be a Personal Assistant reporting to you and dotted-line reporting to all the executive members. She would receive a rewarding salary, benefits, and share in the incentive plan, but at a lesser amount, of course, than you. You would be responsible for training her in all aspects of the job... in the office and... the personal attention you give." Knowing that the only reason she was in her position was that night he seduced her at the company party and he saw an opportunity in her to do something very outrageous. How was he going to find another woman willing to do this without slapping him with a harassment charge? She expressed those thoughts to him and he smiled back. "Actually, we were hoping you might know someone who might fit the role..." Connie smiled. She just might know the young slut they needed.
    She stood and leaned onto the desk, her big breasts swaying as she did. She looked at him intently, "Now, sir, with that out of the way... what can I do for you?"
    He laughed, pushed his chair back, and patted the desk surface in front of him. She walked around the desk and positioned herself on the desk, her ass at the edge, and spread her ...