1. Mothers & Daughters 01: Family 02

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: byikeman48, Source: Literotica

    ... legs for him. He had already dropped his pants, his hard cock pointing at her. He smiled as he pressed his cock to her pussy, sank into her hole, leaned forward, and kissed her. "Are you always wet and ready for a fucking?"
    She looked into his eyes and smiled, "I believe those were the same words you asked me that night at the company party when you seduced me into the stairwell." He laughed. A night that started it all.
    When she returned to her desk, Connie sent a text to a woman downstairs, an entry-level secretary, who was her target. It was simple, 'Call me, tonight, please.'
    Connie was in the kitchen of her apartment when the buzzer from the lobby sounded. Her guest was on her way up. She had planned dinner, one of the salads she gravitated to. When a part of your job is looking attractive and desirable, she found changes were required, especially as she aged. Not only was she controlling her diet, but she religiously took advantage of the gym on the next block. When the doorbell rang, she poured two glasses of white wine that had been chilling and went to the door.
    "Hi, Dawn," she warmly said as she hugged her daughter. "I'm really glad you weren't already busy."
    Her daughter gave her a kiss on the cheek and entered the apartment. "I was actually, but he wasn't important. Just some guy I met in a bar and wanted another night." She chuckled, "I wasn't impressed with him."
    Connie shook her head. It wasn't that she was shocked or disapproved, she knew exactly who her daughter learned her promiscuous behavior from. It was also why she immediately thought of her for the new position in the executive offices and, probably, why Mr. Maris asked her if she knew someone for the position. It wouldn't be a secret that her daughter also worked in the company, the delicate issue would have been if the saying, 'like mother, like daughter', would apply.
    After covering the casual catching up of their lives since their last contact, Dawn pressed Connie about the urgency of coming to dinner she sensed in the invitation. Connie smiled and launched into her rehearsed explanation and pitch. She had debated if she should feel guilty about wanting her own daughter to be a part of the career path she had chosen, but she knew her daughter and how she was already living... much the same way she had been living before.
    "Dawn, honey, how do you think I can afford this apartment?" Dawn shrugged; she had been curious about that. Connie then launched into what her position as Personal Assistant really was for Mr. Maris and why she was in the job. It explained a lot to Dawn and she became curious why her mom was suddenly explaining something that had been kept a secret for the past year. Finally, Connie admitted the hard truth, "Honey, the truth is neither one of us is the sharpest knife in the drawer, as the saying goes." Her daughter chuckled and Connie smiled, thankful that she was willing to be honest. "We're the kind of people that can get lost ...