1. A Weekend Away Pt. 01

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: BDSM Author: bySirpsubslut, Source: Literotica

    This is part one of a story of a master taking his sub away for a weekend of training and pleasure.
    Part One
    Her master had called and told her he was taking her away for a surprise treat for the weekend and to pack light as she wouldn't be needing much. She was excited when he picked her up and she asked where they were going but he just smiled and said "wait and see".
    They drove for a while and ended up in a remote area somewhere in the countryside. He turned up a concealed driveway and before them appeared an enormous castle. He pulled up in front of the door and stopped the car. Before they could get out two men arrived, they greeted him and said they would park his car for him and ensure that the luggage was placed in their room.
    They walked up the steps into the castle where they were greeted by the receptionist. His sub reached for his hand as it all seemed a little daunting. He gave it a reassuring squeeze and then let go as the receptionist came round from her desk and stood in front of them. The receptionist instructed her to strip immediately and hand all her clothes and shoes to her master for his safekeeping and told her that she would not be needing clothes for the rest of our stay.
    His sub hesitated and the receptionist just looked at him and said "you will have to punish her later for that". His sub realised she had better do as she was told if she didn't want to incur any more punishments so she quickly stripped and gave everything to him. The receptionist nodded her approval and looked at him before reaching back to her desk and picking up a collar with a tag on it. She fastened it round his sub's neck and then explained that the tag had his name and number on it. It was there so that everyone else who was staying at the castle knew that his sub belonged to him and that if they wanted to do anything with her, they had to have his permission first.
    His sub felt a little easier knowing that but still very apprehensive about what was to happen. She explained that there were people wandering round with collars on but no tags and it meant that they were free to be used by anyone even if they were there with their masters or mistresses.
    The receptionist then said that she would show them to their room. They followed her upstairs and along corridors, his sub was convinced she'd never find their room on her own. They passed rooms where they could hear screams of pain and moans of pleasure coming from inside. His sub could feel herself getting wet with anticipation of the fun that was going to happen over the weekend but also some trepidation about what might happen. Eventually they got to their room and the receptionist handed him a couple of booklets for them to read about what was on offer at the castle and some of the rules. She left them there and told them that dinner was served at 8 and that he should be fully dressed as befitted his station as master but his sub should remain naked as befitted hers.
    The ...