1. A Weekend Away Pt. 01

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: BDSM Author: bySirpsubslut, Source: Literotica

    ... suitcases had been delivered to the room and he ordered his sub to unpack his and put his clothes away. There were two wardrobes in the room, she opened the first one and saw rack upon rack of assorted toys for both pleasure and pain. She gasped and turned to look at him. He had an enormous smile on his face as he said "I will test every one of those on you before they leave". She went weak at the knees with the thought of that. He told her to hurry up and finish unpacking or she would be getting two punishments rather than just the one which she had already incurred. She did as she was told and quickly finished putting his clothes away in the other wardrobe. There was no point unpacking hers if she wasn't allowed to wear any all weekend.
    He then beckoned her over to him. He had been studying the contents of the toy wardrobe whilst she'd been unpacking and he'd found a paddle which he thought would be a suitable first punishment. He sat down and told her to lie down over his lap so he could paddle her arse. He told her to count each one and thank him for it. If she lost count or didn't thank him then he would start again. He said he was going to give her ten strokes on each cheek and that she wasn't allowed to cum either or there would be a worse punishment coming her way.
    She said she understood and then he started, gently at first and she counted and thanked him for each one. By the time he got to five he was getting into his stride and each slap was harder than the last. She was struggling to keep count but she managed but on the 9th stroke she forgot to thank him and he started back at one. By now her arse was on fire but she was determined not to let him down again and the second time she made it all the way to 20. Her arse was bright pink and so hot.
    He ran his fingers across her pussy, she was so wet, he scooped up some of her juices and forced her to lick his fingers clean. He then said she'd earned a reward for taking her punishment so well, even though it was patently clear that she had enjoyed it nonetheless. He pushed her onto her knees, eased his hard cock out of his trousers and fucked her mouth hard till he came, shooting most of his cum down her throat but saving the last bits to coat her face and boobs. He told her to clean him up but that she was to stay wearing his cum so that everyone at dinner could see what a slut she was.
    Although it was obvious that she had really enjoyed herself he could tell she was feeling frustrated that she hadn't been allowed to cum. He realised that they still had a couple of hours before dinner so he got up again and went back to the toy cupboard to look for something else to torment her with, telling her to read the booklet so she couldn't see what he was choosing. She was soon engrossed in the booklet, reading what was available at the hotel.
    There were 'dungeons' set up in the cellars with St Andrew's Crosses, various types of benches, stocks and even gynaecological chairs ...