1. A Weekend Away Pt. 01

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: BDSM Author: bySirpsubslut, Source: Literotica

    ... available to strap your sub in. Some had windows for other guests to watch whilst others were set up purely for private use. She could see it was definitely going to be a fun weekend. There were also various classes on offer. Some for the masters to learn how to use the equipment to give the maximum pleasure/pain to their sub without causing injury and others purely for the subs to learn how best to please their master/mistresses, teaching things like oral skills and the correct submissive positions to greet, wait and display.
    She was so engrossed in the booklet she hadn't noticed you return to her. He grabbed her nipples hard and pulled to attract her attention. She moaned in pleasure and looked up at him. He could see in her eyes just how turned on she by all of this which pleased him. Keeping a firm hold on one nipple he bent down and clipped on the biggest and heaviest nipple clamp he had found in the cupboard before doing the same with the other nipple. The pain was intense but it still had the effect of her opening my legs for him, desperate for some release. He took advantage of this, knowing what a nipple pain slut she was and swiftly filled her pussy with a large vibrator.
    He turned it on to the lowest setting, just enough to drive her crazy with need. She started to beg you to play with her clit and turn it up but he refused and instead returned to the cupboard and came back with a ball gag which he proceeded to fill her mouth with and fasten tightly. He pushed her up onto the bed on all fours so she could feel the clamps pulling her nipples, tormenting them further. She could feel him dripping lube over her arse and then she felt his cock nudging at the entrance, pushing hard as he increased the speed on the vibrator, he soon slipped in and he started to fuck her harder and faster, increasing the vibrator to maximum. She was desperately mumbling behind the gag for permission to cum, he kept denying her and she didn't think she could hold back much longer. He reached round and found her clit and fingered it gently, it was all too much and she couldn't hold back any longer and she came, contracting round his cock and the vibrator over and over. He kept thrusting till he couldn't hold back any longer either, he pulled out of her arse and covered her back with his cum.
    She knew she was in trouble as she'd cum without his permission. He decided her punishment was to have the largest butt plug stuffed into her arse, a set of kegel balls in her pussy and the ball gag left in to go down to dinner. If she kept the balls and plug in past the starter, he would remove the gag so she could service his cock or whoever else he chose for her main course and if she did that well she would be allowed to sit at the table and have dessert and coffee with him. He knew full well that she would have trouble sitting with the plug in and her arse still on fire from the paddling he had given it earlier. He promised her that if she succeeded in all ...