1. Ambiramus Ch. 01

    Date: 3/18/2023, Categories: Trans Author: byUltimateSin, Source: Literotica

    A/N -- Hello. I'm sure most of those who follow me are thinking 'Oh, this is new!' Well, I like to experiment and try new things when it comes to writing stories, so I thought I'd give a story in this category a go. As always, there'll be a romantic feel to the story, as I always like a... happy ending.
    To those who regularly read in this category but not read my stuff before, I don't do quick stroke stories. I like my stories to have some romance. Keep them at least a little realistic, though in the end, they are meant to be fantasies.
    In the end, like every other story, it's written for fun and all I can do is hope you enjoy it too.
    Regarding the title, Ambiramus is a Gaulish word (an extinct language in Europe) meaning 'voyage' or 'journey''. It is also the name of a song by Swiss folk-metal band Eluveitie.
    "Come on, Mark. When did you last hit the town?"
    Grumbling something into my mug of coffee, chewing on the boring sandwich I'd prepared the previous night. "How long have you been divorced now?" That earned him a glare. "Okay, okay, still a touchy subject."
    "The divorce isn't touchy. I'm just glad we live here in this country where men don't get bent over and completely reamed during the divorce. And I won't begrudge my kids what they need, though I'm sure the bitch spends the money on herself rather than them."
    "Mark, seriously, I can't remember the last time you got out for the night. Yes, every second weekend, you have the kids, and you play footy on a Saturday afternoon for a few months a year. But other than that, you have no social life, my friend."
    "In case you haven't noticed, Mike, said divorce has left me feeling rather bitter towards the so-called fairer sex. And before you even say anything, no, I'm not changing to your side." I took a sip of my coffee before whispering something that would be considered derogatory, but we'd been friends for over twenty-five years, and I'd known he'd been gay since we were teenagers. He heard and chuckled.
    "Look, Chris and I are hitting the town on Saturday night. You should come along. We'll get some drinks, we head to a few bars, there'll be some good music, but most importantly, you'll get out of your fucking apartment. And you've never had a problem in the sort of bars we frequent. Hell, getting hit on by some good looking guys will at least give the old confidence a boost."
    "At least they take no for an answer," I said, managing a slight grin.
    "That's the spirit! So... are you going to come?"
    Sighing, I finally nodded. "Fine."
    He clapped his hands. "About time. Trust me, we'll have a great time and you'll put all your worries behind you, at least for the night."
    Chris, Mike and I all worked as mechanics. When you talked or spent time with the pair, you wouldn't have guessed both were homosexual, but I'd picked up the lingo over the years. They were what they called 'straight acting'... until they were around people they were ...